Schwarzenegger visits with SYNLawn

Schwarzenegger visits with SYNLawn at Small Business ExpoPasadena, CA — During his visit to the 2010 California Construction Expo in Pasadena, CA Governor Schwarzenegger stopped by SYNLawn’s booth to take a closer look at the benefits of using artificial grass and learn how SYNLawn conserves water while saving money for home-owners and potential endeavors with City, State and Federal agencies seeking contractors, suppliers and consultants for future opportunities.

Seen here speaking with Albert Marrero, Jr, and Jon Young of SYNLawn Southern California (link), Governor Schwarzenegger continues to promote public works projects in an effort to jump-start the California construction industry.

"Great Love it," said Schwarzenegger, "Great product for the future of California to save water. Eventually we make golf courses of this stuff".

With first-of-its-kind access to upcoming contract information and contracting officials The CalConExpo is one of five Collaboration Conferences established by Governor Schwarzenegger calling for new ways to connect small businesses. With $150-billion in public work programs currently proposed or underway, and with several large projects in the pipeline, including a $300-million park project, SYNLawn continues to build relationships, preparing for a bright "green" future.

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