SYNLawn artificial grass Benefits

SYNLawn's commercial applications for artificial grass

The benefits of SYNLawn artificial grass

There are numerous benefits to utilizing synthetic grass for commercial projects. We’ve listed some of the more obvious and important benefits and rewards of using SYNLawn for your next commercial landscaping project.

Unique attributes of SYNLawn® for a commercial applications:

  • Provides a realistic alternative with the look and feel of natural grass
  • Low maintenance and easy to maintain
  • Drains well at a rate of over 30 gal/hr (113 L/hr)
  • Durable with 9-12 year warranties
  • Offers significant utility and maintenance bill savings
  • Qualifies for water rebates and contributes toward LEED credits
  • specification in all CAD formats
  • Stable in all climates
  • Meets and exceeds all safety standards
  • Soft to the touch

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