New Play Area for D.C. Charter School

link to Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School in Washington DC

SYNLawn DC Metro/Chesapeake Bay Synthetic Landscapes, LLC is installing SYNLawn artificial grass for a general play area for the children of the Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School in Washington DC. They wanted to extend the usable outside play area for the kids so they converted the mud to durable and safe SYNLawn synthetic grass.

A charter school is an independently operated public school that is open to all district residents, regardless of their neighborhood, socioeconomic status, academic achievement, or ethnicity. There are no admission tests or tuition fees. Parents and students choose to attend a particular charter school because of its unique focus, curriculum, structure, size, and environment. Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School sets themselves apart from other schools in many ways. Their mission statement is “Washington Yu Ying PCS aims to nurture the development of a strong social conscience among tomorrow’s global leaders by fostering excellence in our student’s intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical development in an engaging, inquiry driven, Chinese-English dual language immersion environment.”

WYYPCS is becoming more and more popular in the Washington DC area. They have expanded to a new building, new playground equipment and now a large area of synthetic grass by SYNLawn. This new general purpose SYNLawn artificial grass playing area is another way that WYYPCS sets themselves apart from the other schools in the area. Kids will be able to go out and play right after the rain. This supports their mission statement to nurture the development of their student’s social, emotional and physical development.

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