SYNLawn holds up to energetic guide dog puppies

As guide dog puppy raisers, we put our fenced in yard to the test with daily exercising of energetic puppies regardless of the weather outside.  Having proved that natural turf is not up to the task, and quite frankly tiring of the recurring expense of sodding the yard, we ventured into the synthetic turf arena this time around.  Chesapeake Bay Synthetic Landscapes responded more promptly and professionally than any other provider out there.  Their products appeared to be extremely high quality without the look of artificial turf and worth the expense.   We took the leap and have not been disappointed.

My concern that as a residential customer I would not draw the attention that a large commercial customer would prove unwarranted as the Chesapeake Bay Synthetic Landscapes staff was very attentive to scheduling, installation, and our satisfaction.  Their craftsmanship resulted in a product which lies beautifully around curved walks and edges and natural stone steps.  The method they employ to secure the lawn has allowed for frequent daily use by sizable Labs and German Shepherds without worry of shifting or tearing.  The imbedded thatch in the SYNLawn product provides for a very soft lawn for relaxation.

Two other attributes of the installation we appreciate are the ability to send the dogs out regardless of the weather without fear of wearing the lawn and the resultant mud being tracked around and the absence of summer flying insects.

To date, we have no regrets with making the decision to go with SYNLawn installed by Chesapeake Bay Synthetic Landscapes.  The installation cost us only between 2-3 natural sod installations, but  appears to be more than well worth it based on the demonstrated performance to date.  If I had another project calling for a synthetic lawn, I would go directly to Chesapeake Bay Synthetic Landscapes.

Kurt and Michele K.

Vienna, VA

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