SYNLawn Enhances Art with a Heart 10th Anniversary Celebration

SYNLawn’s 4×10 portable green provided a unique opportunity for attendees of the Art with a Heart’s 10th Anniversary Mad Hatter Celebration to try their hand at Flamingo Golf.

Mad Hatter Flamingo Golf
Mad Hatter Flamingo Golf on SYNLawn Portable Green

 The 200+ event attendees enjoyed putting and watching the golfing elite and the just-for-fun enthusiasts try to hit up to three putts for prizes at the April 28th event in Indianapolis. Flamingo Golf putting challenge raised an additional $312 for this important non-profit organization helping children in central Indiana.

Flamingo Golf of a SYNLawn 4x10 portable green

A great time was had by both serious golfers and those who just wanted to try their luck.

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