Local Family Embraces “Accessible Golf” Trend

Love it!” was the way Fishers, Indiana resident Brad Fleury described his new 10′x16′ Dave Pelz GreenMaker portable do-it-yourself putting green system. “Awesome!” was the way his wife, Sara, described the green. Brad ordered the green, installed it himself and is now able to practice his golf game in the privacy of his own back yard.

“This is a trend that we are seeing across America,” stated SYNLawn Indiana Managing Partner Pat Phillips. “People want to have golf accessible, and installing a portable green allows enthusiasts to walk out their back door, into their basement or even into their living rooms and practice their game.

10'x16' GreenMaker

Family installs 10'x16' Dave Pelz GreenMaker for its versatility and portability

Kids and adults alike are benefitting from tools such as portable greens like the many sizes of Pelz GreenMakers or even simple $200 SYNLawn golf mats.” This trend is aptly named “accessible golf.” “We’re also seeing a national trend of people requesting backyard golf greens, thus the reason the Dave Pelz ‘Elements of Practice‘ has become so popular.”

For more information on SYNLawn’s full roster of golf greens and products, check out http://www.synlawngolf.com/ . In Indiana call us at 317.430.1521 or 866.204.1372 for a free estimate.

Below Brad describes his experience installing his Dave Pelz GreenMaker.

How challenging was the GreenMaker to install yourself?
From start to finish, the Dave Pelz GreenMaker only took 2 1/2 hours on an exterior setup with a crushed rock base. The instructions made the setup extremely easy and the base pieces fit together like a glove.

Why did you choose this SYNLawn Putting Green product?
I chose the GreenMaker for its versatility and portability. It was easy to set up and give the green some contour.

Was it easy to order?
The ordering process was seamless. I just worked with a sales rep to place the final order, arrange shipping and make my payment. The GreenMaker showed up a short time later.

Any advice for others considering ordering this product?
I would recommend watching YouTube video or read some articles on backyard putting greens. I picked up some good tips on the underpayment for the base.

What will you do with the GreenMaker in the winter time?
Living in the Midwest, I will probably disassemble the GreenMaker and set it up indoors for the winter since set up is so easy. I’m still considering covering it with a tarp for the winter, but if I disassemble it once a year, it will give me the opportunity to change the contours in the spring and have a brand new experience with the GreenMaker.

In under 3 hours, this Fishers Indiana Family has a summertime private green in their own backyard. During the winter, the GreenMaker will get reassembled inside for additional practice and fun.

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