Synthetic Pet Grass for your home or pet facility

Synthetic Pet Grass

image of synlawn pet friendly artificial grassIf you love your pets but appreciate a nice-looking lawn as well, synthetic turf from SYNLawn can help. You don’t have to confine your canine friends to a dog run that inevitably gets worn down to dirt and becomes unusably muddy when it rains. SYNLawn’s pet turf systems give your animals a beautiful space that they can enjoy any time but that requires minimal care.

SYNLawn pet systems combine our durable synthetic grass with features specifically engineered for use in animal enclosures.

SYNLawn’s artificial turf for pets includes organic zeolite crystals that absorb pet waste naturally, reducing ammonia odors by 80 percent. Many of our quality artificial turf products for pets incorporate HeatBlock™ technology to stay 20% cooler than other artificial grass products. With a SYNLawn pet system, you’ll also have these advantages:

  • No dirt or mud on your pet’s paws to be tracked into your home
  • No water puddling, thanks to our pet turf’s high drainage rate
  • No ugly brown spots from grass-killing animal urine
  • No animal parasites like disease-carrying fleas or ticks
  • No exposure of pets to toxic lawn chemicals and fertilizers

All pets and pet owners are different, so we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all pet system. The experienced artificial turf installers at SYNLawn will design a customized pet turf solution for you. Dogs especially vary in size, temperament and habits, and we can install a natural-looking play and exercise area for your canines that will accommodate their specific needs. We even offer a security package that will protect your pet turf from digging and chewing by larger or more aggressive dogs. The optional SYNLawn rodent control package will deter digging and tunneling by mice, moles and gophers.

Just like our synthetic lawns, SYNLawn’s pet systems offer an attractive, easy-care alternative to high-maintenance natural grass.

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