SYNRye 211

Total Weight
88 ounces
up to 15 years*

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SYNRye 211

Formerly known as: SYNBermuda Premium 200

About SYNRye 211

SYNRye 211 combines SYNLawn's HeatBlock Technology™ and EnviroLoc™ backing to lower surface temperatures and 'lock' in turf fibers with superior nylon grass blade construction. This artificial grass is ideal for high foot traffic and works well for the most demanding applications including children's playgrounds and pet training areas. Also recommended for Rooftops, decks and golf fringe areas.

SYNRye 211

image of synlawn fescue 254 artificial grass

Environment Friendly
Exclusive EnviroLoc™ technology with BioCel™ backing system results in 60%-70% green by weight with greater dimensional stability. Contributes points towards LEED™ certification.
No infill required
No black rubber crumb necessary. Greatly reduces maintenance of artificial turf.
Superior resiliency with 100% nylon fibers.
UV stabilized yarns to resist fading from the sun. Bright color-fast yarns that stay bright.
Recommended for
Residential landscapes, sloped areas, water saturated areas, pool areas and moderate to high traffic areas. Also recommended for Golf and putting green fringe, Roof decks, Patios and children’s play areas.

SYNRye 211

up to 15 years*
Face Weight:
60 ounces
Total Weight:
88 ounces
Yarn Type:
Grass Zone: Nylon with HeatBlock™ technology
Thatch Zone: Nylon with HeatBlock™ technology
Grass Zone: Turf Green
Thatch Zone: Turf Green
Pile Height:
Grass Zone: 1.25″
Thatch Zone: 1.0″ +/-15%
Roll Width:
15.0 feet
Drain Rate:
> 30 inches per hour
SYNBermuda Premium 200

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