SYNZoysia 256

Total Weight
87 ounces
up to 15 years*

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SYNZoysia 256

Formerly known as: SYNZoysia Premium 250

About SYNZoysia 256

SYNZoysia 256 is a great choice when searching for artificial grass with a soft, natural feel. The softness of the olive poly grass blades is combined with thick tan thatch that delivers a durable, yet realistic looking grass that feels surprisingly luxurious on your bare feet. Perfect for backyard areas where young children may be playing or where you enjoy spending your leisure time.

SYNZoysia 256

Environmentally Friendly
Exclusive EnviroLoc™ technology with BioCel™ backing system results in 60%-70% green by weight with greater dimensional stability. Contributes points towards LEED™ certification.
Minimal Infill
Uses only minimal amounts of silica sand for ballast.
Dense polypropylene thatch for resiliency and support combined with the a new soft polyethylene blade incorporating the latest advancement in technology to create an added support spine cross-section.
Recommended for
Landscapes with moderate traffic including residential lawns, water saturated areas, problem areas and shady areas.

SYNZoysia 256

up to 15 years*
Face Weight:
68 ounces
Total Weight:
87 ounces
Yarn Type:
Grass Zone: Polyethylene
Thatch Zone: Texturized Polypropylene
Grass Zone: Field Green Olive
Thatch Zone: Turf Tan
Pile Height:
Grass Zone: 1.875″
Thatch Zone: 1.5″ +/- 15%
Roll Width:
15.0 feet
Drain Rate:
> 30 inches per hour
SYNZoysia Premium 250

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