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union square artificial grass installationHave you visited Union Square in San Francisco lately? If so, you may have noticed there’s a whole lot of construction going on thanks to the Central Subway Project. This 4-year project meant that the Union Square area wouldn’t necessarily be the most inviting place to visit, let alone shop for the holiday season.

Their solution? Installing 30,000 sq. ft. of SYNLawn along Stockton Street to make it not only cleaner, but safer for pedestrians. For the next 4 years, from November through the holidays, the streets of San Francisco will now be paved in green with the help of the SYNLawn Bay Area team.

union square shopping district

SYNLawn’s SYNTipede 354 was chosen for this project due to its ability to withstand very heavy traffic, as well as its HeatBlock feature, which reduces surface temperatures by approximately 20%. Shoppers, visitors and employees of the area are sure to appreciate the decision as they roam through the area during the busy holiday season. They may get so used to it, they’ll want to keep it there after the holidays are over. But that’s not the plan. After the holidays the artificial grass is removed, stored and ready to install again for the next 3 years of the life of this enormous project. The city is ready and so is SYNLawn!

union square synlawn installation

image of lucky dog tv show hostIt’s not every day you can be a part of changing someone’s life. While Brandon McMillan and the CBS Lucky Dog team have the opportunity to do that each week, it has been an emotional experience for us as we were able to come to the rescue and help bring Chance together with his new owner.

Although SYNLawn may not be able to change lives every day, we were able to help change Christina’s life by making her work environment a more pet-friendly place. By doing so, it meant she was the perfect candidate as a new owner for Chance, who was rescued from the local animal shelter. This meant the area not only had to be safe for dogs, but also fitting for a puppy.

It was very important to Brandon that the environment was right before pairing these two together. Puppies need a place to play and be active during the day and Christina’s boss wanted to be sure that he wasn’t going to be a distraction in the work place. That’s where SYNLawn was able to help. By creating a puppy-safe area for Chance behind their office, it was the perfect place for him to hang out AND do his “business” during the day. Organic odor control products and drainage techniques were used along with SYNLawn’s pet-friendly artificial grass to ensure the area stays cleans, odor-free and able to handle all the activity that a puppy can create.

Thanks to Brandon’s training, plenty of love and affection, and a wonderful SYNLawn area, Chance & Christina have been given a fabulous new life together!


image of vinnie on swing setIt’s not every day that artificial grass can change someone’s life. But this past Saturday, Vinnie’s life was changed with some help from the Make a Wish of Southern Nevada, SYNLawn and a number of other Southern Nevada participants who assisted in making #VinniesWish come true.

For Vinnie, who was a stroke survivor at birth and battling cerebral palsy ever since, his backyard is his sanctuary. His wish was to have his backyard turned into a place where he could swim and play every day.

SYNLawn and SYNLawn of Southern Nevada heard the story and wanted to help. We wanted to provide a complete backyard for Vinnie and his family that was low-maintenance so they could focus on more important things. This SYNLawn installation is going to take care of the need for ongoing maintenance, but it doesn’t require water and also provides fall protection under their fabulous new play structure. Not only does Vinnie now have a wonderful yard to play on year round, it reduces added work and stress on the whole family, which was also our focus.


KMPH, Fox 26′s Alysia Sofios, host of Valley Life, stops by SYNLawn Central California to chat with Blaine McQuown to discuss the many applications and benefits of using synthetic grass as a preview to this weekend’s Fresno Home Show.

The 24th Annual Fresno Home Remodeling and Decorating Show will be held at the Fresno Fairgrounds this July 18th, 19th, 20th, 2014. Please stop by booth #286 at the show, or feel free to stop by the SYNLawn showroom to experience our artificial grass offerings.


image of blue springs school district playgroundDalton, GA — The National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) recently issued their annual John Preston Award given to a group or organization that has made a difference in creating S.A.F.E. play areas for children. This year’s award went to the Blue Springs School District in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Blue Springs was concerned enough about ongoing nurses visits by students to pursue alternatives to their existing surfacing. During 2011-2012, one school reported 11 breaks and sprains and 20 visits to the nurse for complaints regarding mulch in the eyes. During 2012-2013 with the help of staff members like Dan Anderson (Director of Building and Grounds), Kelly Flax (Principal), Currie Trumble (school nurse) and Dr. Bill Cowling (Assistant Superintendent), the school launched a pilot test program and installed one area of SYNLawn artificial grass and kept one area with their standard mulch surfacing to compare how each play area influenced injuries.

The results of the synthetic turf area far surpassed the mulched areas and resulted in 20% fewer injuries and as a side benefit, 15% more overall play time due to the grass not retaining water from rain and snow. So overwhelming was the evidence, instead of waiting two years as planned, the Missouri school district moved quickly to replace more than 33 playgrounds within the 12 schools in the district with the safer, SYNLawn Play System.

The beauty of the SYNLawn Play System is that it complies with ASTM F1292 and is IPEMA certified which meets fall attenuation heights of up to 10 feet. Local SYNLawn Authorized Supplier, Turf etc was excited to be part of the solution. “We used a combination of SYNBermuda Premium 220, SYNTipede Platinum 322 and SYNLawn’s exclusive “Trample Zones” to meet the needs of each school”, explained Angela Grego, owner of Turf etc. “The administrators were astonished at the radical decline in the number of kids going to see the nurse.

“The Blue Springs School District prides itself on safety”, stated Dr. Bill Cowling, Assistant Superintendent. “We believe that the students should be able to focus on their learning and we work hard to find distractions to that process before they even occur. A playground that is safe promotes student achievement. Thank you for this recognition. We are very proud to be recipients of the John Preston Playground Safety Award.”


SYNLawn® is the industry innovator on synthetic grass. Their lush and livable synthetic grass systems have transformed the way synthetic grass is used, producing the most advanced and performance oriented putting surfaces and synthetic landscaping solutions in the market. SYNLawn uses exclusive nylon technologies to produce unmatched solutions for synthetic landscape, golf, pet and playground systems. SYNLawn’s grass products are 100% recyclable and lead compliant. As a vertically integrated manufacturer/installer, SYNLawn delivers customers the highest quality artificial grass products at a competitive price with the most genuine and longest manufacturer warranty of 15 years. With the company’s continued expansion, SYNLawn has 59 locations now open in the United States and Canada. To learn more visit

image of backyard putting green by synlawn golf

Practice makes perfect – this is true for any sport but, in golf, a single putt can make the difference between winning that all-important hole in match play. According to, “fifty percent of shots are hit within forty yards of the hole.” Short game and putting expert Dave Pelz noted that PGA Tour Pros average just over twenty-nine putts per round compared with twenty to thirty handicappers who average thirty-five and more putts per round!

Since this is fact, why wouldn’t you spend most of your golf practice time on short game and improving your ability to putt?

Or, in many cases, time is at a premium and golfers may haphazardly pull out their electronic putting cup and roll putts along a wood floor or carpet hoping that this substitutes as practice, instead of traveling to the nearest course with a putting green. The problem with this form of “practice” is it will not teach true roll or speed of a green, not to mention that you’ll never figure out how to putt on hilly lies.

Wouldn’t it be great to have direct access to a green right in your own back yard? Leading short game golf guru, Dave Pelz, preaches regularly that direct access is the key to putting greatness. Okay, so Pelz has designed a wonderland of sorts in his own backyard – a masterfully created two acre SYNLawn Synthetic Golf haven, complete with reproductions of Augusta and Sawgrass greens that roll true …and never need water!

image of dave pelz back yard golf complex

Not everyone can be Dave Pelz but many folks can easily create a short game area complete with putting green near a terrace or patio for daily enjoyment and will probably practice a whole lot more…and with much more accuracy, thus helping to lower your handicap.

Why go with a synthetic lawn and not create a grassy haven? As mentioned before, synthetic lawns don’t need to be watered, so you’ll save up to seventy percent on your water bill. Artificial turf is also always green, never needs fertilizer or mowing and even feels like real grass. Finally Dave Pelz, a former NASA physicist (nope, I did not know either), has helped develop this particular synthetic lawn for over five years to simulate a real golf green. Have I gotten your attention?

If so, and you are considering creating a short game area in your back yard, Mr. Pelz has a few tips to help build a unique and complex putting green so that you can’t wait to get out and practice.

  • “Amateurs trail the Pros in Lag putting performance because it is one of the least practiced areas of their games. Creating a realistic ‘Tier’ in your backyard green complex will teach you how putts break as they traverse a Tier, and improve your touch for distance.”
  • “Humps are an interesting addition to a putting surface: they increase the green-reading challenge.”
  • “Valleys in rough areas can get as large as a grass bunker, or just run through an area and add to the natural contours. Valleys in rough areas add to the short game challenge and allow practice on sidehill lies.”

When amateurs do take the time to practice, several occurrences are the norm; a golf bag might be thrown into the trunk and carted off to the driving range where banging balls has become an obsession and putting is left as an afterthought.

SYNLawnGolf can build custom putting greens to specifically work on areas of focus, large or small, or you can make this a fun DIY project. Want to practice indoors? SYNLawn’s portable putting greens and mats can either substitute as fairway turf or a realistic putting surface right in the comfort of your home.

Ever wanted your own backyard putting green? Voice your opinion @Golf4Beginners and on @SYNLawn_Golf, the Turf Experts on Twitter…and LIKE SYNLawn Golf on Facebook!

image of rubber crumb infillLet’s face it. Even though artificial grass for landscape applications has been around for more than 10 years now, a good number of us still have old images in our head about what that stuff looks like. The synthetic grass of today isn’t at all what it was back then.

The technology changed because the needs have evolved. While AstroTurf’s name will always be associated with fake grass, the manufacturing process used to make synthetic turf for football fields is a whole lot different than artificial grass for landscape applications.

Back around 2003, it was evident that there was a need for a whole new direction when it came to addressing landscaping needs. Some artificial grass manufacturers recognized that the need for rubber infill that was used on sports fields had no place in landscaping applications. While rubber infill helped to support grass fibers, add ballast and an extra layer of fall protection for the players, there was no place for it in someone’s backyard.

Some products still rely on rubber infill to support their grass fibers and add dimensional stability. If rubber is required, beware. Those rubber crumbs will not only add heat to your grass, but your kids and dogs will love playing with it! Ultimately, you will find those little rubber pellets wandering all over your house, in your pool, on your walkways, in your dogs paws and probably in your kids’ mouths. Not good.

Other products may only require a top-dressing or ballast. So what’s the difference? Infill is required for support the grass fibers and add dimensional stability. Top-dressing or ballast is a standard requirement to add weight since nails are what keep it in place. If infill is required, it means the grass itself may not be able to withstand typical daily traffic and activity without the added support.

Silica sand or acrylic coated sand are the most commonly used products to add ballast to your artificial grass. It is recommended to add 1-2 lbs. of silica sand for that reason. Also take note that the layer of sand is also providing a protection from UV rays, which will mean your synthetic lawn will stay looking beautiful for a good long time!

image of zeofill infillAnother excellent product that we are seeing used more widely with artificial grass is ZeoFill. Zeolites are naturally occurring minerals found in specific types of sedimentary rocks. Due to their natural absorbent/adsorbent qualities, zeolites have been used for many different applications and there are even claims that it can aid in cancer cures. The use of ZeoFill was of particular interest to the synthetic grass industry since it is certified organic and therefore poses no safety concerns. Using ZeoFill as an alternative to sand eliminates any concerns with Proposition 65 and it provides the safest and most effective method of adding top dressing to installations, while providing odor-reducing qualities at the same time.

By: Christine Park – KSFN News

California Governor Jerry Brown has called upon Californian’s to voluntarily reduce their water use by 20%. During the worst drought in recorded history some California home owners and businesses have stopped watering their lawns or taken them out all together. How are they managing to keep their yards green? It’s out with the old and in with the new at one Kingsburg, CA home (Fresno County) where one resident wanted a more drought-friendly solution.