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SYNLawn Nylon Advantage

Why choose SYNLawn with nylon?

The nylon fibers in SYNLawn products outlast and outperform all other synthetic turf fibers. This includes polyethylene and polypropylene. It not only looks better, but it also lasts longer.

The textile industry knows that nylon is the most durable fiber in textiles. Think about it. How many products do you know that incorporate this fiber? The best carpet on the market uses it because of its ability to spring back to original condition after moving furniture. A toothbrush, fishing line, lawn trimmer line, athletic clothing, luggage, even tires, are more examples of products using nylon. Now think of the products you know made of polypropylene.

When considering which synthetic grass is the best for your home or facility, products with nylon give you the best return on your investment. SYNLawn grass products made with nylon promise an even better return for your money. This value is because we make it and stand behind it. We manufacture, extrude, and texturize all of our nylon fibers to allow us to be innovative with control quality. Today’s nylon turf products have come a long way since their introduction in the ’60s. SYNLawn’s advancements in yarn extrusion, thatch texturizing, and overall product construction have produced the most realistic and best-performing turf products in the marketplace.

forty percent more resilientCrush resistance

Nylon is 22% more resilient than polypropylene and 40% more resilient than polyethylene.

Longer wear

SYNLawn does not break down as quickly from foot traffic or general wear as other types of synthetic turf fibers.

thirty-three percent strongerEnduring strength

Nylon is 26% stronger than polypropylene and 33% stronger than polyethylene.

Low Environmental Impact

Nylon based products have a longer life cycle reducing the need to replace or recycle as often as polyethylene and polypropylene products.

limited lifetime warrantyLifetime Warranty*

Limited lifetime warranty* for nylon products.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturer

SYNLawn manufactures, extrudes and texturizes all of our nylon fibers and components to ensure the highest quality products and continued innovation.

one-hundred percent Lead Safe ProductLead safe

SYNLawn synthetic grass produced is as safe as the water you drink. Our process has zero intentional lead added which meets or falls below all Federal and State lead restrictions, including the State of California which has the most stringent guidelines for lead content.

*Limited lifetime warranty for product only. Conditions apply. contact your local SYNLawn representative for more information.

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