Modular Turf Systems

Ecore® creates products that align–substantial force reduction with a balanced amount of energy return to create dynamic surfaces that are catered to the individual and the application.

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Ecore rubber flooring products range from basic rolls and tiles to high performance systems engineered to absorb heavy impact. Ecore’s products are tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges you encounter every day. Learn more about the products that are right for you.

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The Ecore Athletic Performance Collection of surfaces combine a vulcanized, colorful EPDM wear layer that resists scuffing and marking with a myriad of tailored base layers to create four unique products: Motivate, Rally, Beast & Monster. This surfacing collections’ unique combinations of force reduction and energy restitution are designed to deliver tailored performance in strength and conditioning applications.

Attractive Appearance

Harvests the unique power of recycled rubber

Impact Absorption

Surface options designed for extreme durability and shock absorption


Firm footing and ergonomic demands desired in strength training

Recommended for:

  • Group Exercise Studios
  • Functional Training
  • HIIT
  • Weight Lifting Areas
  • Plate-loaded/Pin-loaded Weights
  • University Gyms

SYNLawn introduces Modular Turf Systems designed to bring the look and feel of natural grass to any space indoors or out. Interlocking and Stackable Turf Tiles allow for easy installation, portability, and storage for gyms, playgrounds, temporary events and more. Nylon turf over a layer of thick base rubber helps reduce the risk of serious injury for athletes in training and children at play.

SYNLawn Interlocking Turf Tiles

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SYNLawn Interlocking Turf Tiles can transform any area into a temporary “green space” indoors or out without being permanently secured. Using a short nylon turf bonded to a 12mm recycled rubber base layer then pieced together like a puzzle to easily fit any room or rooftop. Combining extreme performance with ease of installation and total portability, these Turf Tiles are perfect for strength and agility training as well as for common areas at temporary events.

SYNLawn Interlocking Transitions

SYNLawn Interlocking Transitions are rubber reducers to be used in conjunction with SYNLawn Interlocking Turf Tiles at room openings or when mat installations are required. When used these transitions give an excellent finished appearance to your application.

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SYNLawn Turf Stackables

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SYNLawn Turf Stackables are a convenient way to add the look and feel of natural grass to any space as a handy portable grass tile. Nylon turf bonded to a thick rubber tile great for play areas and common spaces. Certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) for a 6′ critical fall height.

SYNLawn Stackables

SYNLawn Stackables are Safety Tiles designed to keep kids safe by reducing the risk of serious injury if they should fall from playground equipment. Easy to install and store, SYNLawn Stackables can literally be stacked on top of each other when not in use. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber and available in 4 colors: Bedrock, Rollin Stone, Moonrock, Green Acres

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SYNLawn Reducers

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SYNLawn Reducers can be used with SYNLawn Turf Stackables or with any of or products to create a finished look to your installation.

ADA Ramps

SYNLawn ADA Ramps can be used with SYNLawn Turf Stackables or with any of our products allowing for easy wheelchair access so kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy play time.

image of synlawn ADA ramps

ADA Sides

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SYNLawn ADA Sides are created to be used in conjunction with ADA Ramps, creating a smooth transition on all sides.

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