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Best Rated Products For Dog and Pet Areas

These are the best-rated pet products for use in pet applications.

Best Rated Products For Playground Applications

These are the best-rated products for playground and park applications

Best Rated Products For Roof, Deck, and Patio

These are the best-rated products for roof, deck, and patio applications

BioBased Collection

Leading the industry in sustainability, SYNLawn has introduced our BioBased collection as the first line of artificial grass made that is entirely from plant-based materials. The turf is USDA Certified for using sugarcane and soybeans in the grass fibers as well as in the backing this 100% recyclable. Consequently, this product goes a long way to reducing your carbon footprint with a look and feel you won’t believe.

X-Series Collection

These heavyweight products weigh in at a staggering 100-ounce face weight which creates a rather thick and lush look and feel. You won’t be able to resist the temptation to simply lie down and maybe even take a nap.

SYNAugustine Collection

This collection of cutting-edge artificial grass products feature a combination of beautiful tri-colored Omega-shaped, soft grass blades with a tri-colored thatch. This creates a multi-dimensional yet natural look. Consequently, this turf is ideal for any and all landscapes while remaining similarly perfect for playgrounds and pet applications.

SYNBlue Collection

The SYNBlue collection has returned with a first of its kind artificial landscape variety. SYNBlue takes realism to a new level by incorporating tan colored grass blades into the face yarn aids which creates an unmatched natural aesthetic. At a full 2 inches high and 90 ounces, this landscape turf variety is both soft between your toes while remaining surprisingly durable – you won’t believe your eyes or feet.

SYNFescue Collection

The SYNFescue collection offers a variety of artificial landscape grass products. These products are available in multiple weights, heights, and realistic colors. The ultimate lush landscape can be achieved with any of the SYNFescue styles because they use a combination of polyethylene monofilament which creates its soft feel as well as texturized nylon for its thatch structure. Since the turf is manufactured using a rigid ‘Omega’ shaped blade construction allows the polyethylene fibers to provide lasting durability. Consequently, there is also greater resiliency, and low surface temperatures making this turf so close to the feel of natural grass that you might have a hard time being able to tell the difference.

SYNMeadow Collection

The SYNMeadow collection shows amazingly right out of the box while packing a whopping 120 oz of face fiber for the lushest and most luxurious looking landscape ever. This product is sure to wow both residential as well as commercial customers at first sight. The look and feel are phenomenal while the comparison when laid side by side against the competition is staggering.

SYNRye Collection

The SYNRye collection is constructed of 100% nylon blades which have been modified slightly to offer a tighter and more random, natural appearance. Using a light brown thatch in the root zone helps to further enhance the realistic appearance of our Rye grass products. This turf will provide a long-lasting landscape that will look beautiful for years to come. This collection is perfect for high traffic play areas or pet areas and also sloped landscapes. SYNRye is soft to the touch while also offering the ultimate durability and resiliency.

SYNTipede Collection

The SYNTipede collection is a result of revolutionary design breakthroughs in hybrid synthetic grass construction. SYNTipede products combine the best features including realistic appearance and beautifully blended colors with a superior resiliency. Manufactured using ‘Omega’ shaped blades provides greater resiliency, low surface temperatures and also the best performance in a durable artificial grass landscape product. SYNTipede products are recommended for almost any landscape, pet or playground application imaginable thanks to the versatility of the turf.

SYNZoysia Collection

The latest offering from SYNLawn is the SYNZoysia collection. This turf is a great choice when searching for an artificial grass that offers a soft feel under your feet. The softness of the polyethylene blades when combined with a ‘Y’ shaped yarn technology, is able to deliver a rather durable and resilient turf while remaining a realistic-looking artificial grass. SYNZoysia is perfect for backyard areas where young children may be playing or if you enjoy spending leisure time in your yard with medium traffic.

SYNLawn Collection

The latest offerings from SYNLawn have something for every size of application and budget. There are variances in color combination as well as grass fiber yarns and weight to match all needs. The SYNLawn Collection has been developed to offer customers the most value possible while always maintaining our rigorous quality standards.

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