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SYNLawn celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission

Custom logo and SYNLawn artificial grass at the Apollo 11 Moon Garden commemorating the 50th anniversary of NASA Race to the Moon Mission

Cape Canaveral, FL

September 9, 2019

SYNLawn’s Bio-based artificial grass selected to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission

Cape Canaveral, FL — After a successful installation of artificial turf in the rocket viewing area of Kennedy Space Center’s Visitors Complex, officials at NASA once again chose SYNLawn synthetic grass to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon. Thirty-five thousand square feet of SYNLawn’s USDA Bio-based artificial grass SYNAugustine 547 was selected to accompany a one-of-a-kind fabricated logo to replace the worn natural grass around the launch spectator area just outside of the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Built on a Foundation of Success

Installed by the experts from SYNLawn South Florida, 2018 saw the installation of 20,000 square feet of SYNLawn’s bio-based turf at the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex. Heavy foot-traffic from the thousands of daily visitors made maintaining natural grass nearly impossible. Therefore, the search began to find an alternative solution to retain the aesthetic of natural grass.

The idea for the inclusion of SYNLawn at the visitor complex grew from talks at its 2015 Earth Day Celebration. “Innovation and agriculture grew together at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex with its installation of SYNLawn’s soy-backed grass,” said United Soybean Board Director John Dodson, a Tennessee soybean grower who participated in the original Earth Day discussions. “The choice makes sense for the environment as well as the guests who want to watch our future unfold during rocket launches.”

image of bio based synthetic grass at kennedy space center
image of bio based synthetic grass at kennedy space center
image of bio-based synthetic grass at Kennedy space center

The first installation in 2018 was among the first projects to use SYNLawn’s bio-based formula that makes the SYNLawn brand of artificial turf greener than you might think. Combining sugarcane in the grass fibers with soybean oils in the turf backing, SYNAugustine 547 provides an environmentally-friendly solution for lawn and landscape applications.

The original installation of turf around the visitor viewing area led to measurable increases in metrics like total visitor numbers, time spent on the viewing lawn, and picnics enjoyed by guests. The ADA compliance of this viewing area also ensures that guests of all mobility levels can enjoy the artificial turf as they watch a rocket launch up close and personal.

Trusted Installers for a High-Security Location

Since the team of installers from SYNLawn South Florida already handled a previous project at the Kennedy Space Center, they were ready for the logistics and security necessary to work at an operational government facility.

In addition to the artificial turf, the installers also poured a large 1-inch thick area of SYNPour™ Poured-in-Place EDPM material in a gray color which perfectly mimics the moon’s surface. The addition of the new Moon Tree Garden features statues of the three astronauts who walked on the moon and bushes descending from seeds Neil Armstrong took with him during the mission.

image of bio based synthetic grass at kennedy space center
image of bio based synthetic grass at kennedy space center
image of bio based synthetic grass at kennedy space center

To tie the area together, SYNLawn crafted a sophisticated prefab Apollo 11 mission logo, made from turf and 25-feet in diameter. The UV fade-resistant grass material will help the logo stay crisp and beautiful for years with little maintenance and no need for repainting.

With the success of this 35,000 square-foot Moon Tree Garden lawn and the previous 22,000 viewing area improvements, the Kennedy Space Center is ready to find more ways to use bio-based SYNLawn artificial turf. The team at SYNLawn is already discussing the possibility of an additional VIP area for guests with facility managers and designers.

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