SYNLawn® artificial grass is the perfect solution for Commercial landscape applications. From common-areas to sprawling landscape designs SYNLawn’s commercial grass offerings have proven to be the wise choice for businesses and contractors looking to save money, precious resources and maintenance costs.

Businesses and municipalities typically see a quick ROI (return on investment) shortly after the installation of SYNLawn synthetic grass. Water is no longer needed to maintain the look and feel of natural grass in places such as a highway median or a hotel pool surround. Our products are built to withstand even the most severe punishment from high volumes of foot traffic. That’s why it might not be unusual to see our synthetic turf inside a local shopping area or your favorite outdoor concert venue.

Contractors alike also reap the benefits of installing SYNLawn artificial grass. While SYNLawn may not be the cheapest artificial grass in the industry, our turf is proudly Made in the USA at our manufacturing facilities located in Dalton, Georgia. Unlike many of our competitors, we make what we sell. “From Yarn to Yard”. We believe in our products so much that we back up our artificial grass products with the most credible manufacturer warranties in the industry!

  • image of bio based synthetic grass for commercial applications
  • image of bio based synthetic grass for commercial applications
  • image of bio based synthetic grass for commercial applications

SYNLawn artificial grass is widely used for:

A Great Cost Saving Opportunity

When it comes to synthetic grass there are lots of companies out there claiming to be the best and have the best product. We literally invented the landscape grass category thereby creating an industry. We urge you to seek out your local SYNLawn dealer to experience the quality and potential cost saving opportunities to eliminate expenses associated with maintaining landscape areas. Cutting the cost of utility bills, fuel and labor costs can in time literally pay for itself time and time again.

SYNLawn is guided by one single motivation, creating a truly breathtaking synthetic landscape grass and synthetic putting green installation. We understand customer needs do vary, and we are committed to finding the perfect fit for our clients’ needs. We appreciate the trust our clients have put in our company and look forward to showing you why we are the number one synthetic grass company in the nation.

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