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Fake Grass in Oakland Park FL

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Artificial Grass in Oakland Park FL

SYNLawn Miami offers the most realistic artificial turf systems for residential and commercial applications. Our synthetic grass products provide the realistic look and feel of natural grass without the hassles of mowing or costs of watering. Unlike many of our competitors who import their products, our American made artificial grass products are manufactured in our very own production facility located in Dalton, Georgia. Not only do we make what we sell, we also use our very own certified professional installation crews to ensure your new fake grass landscape looks it’s best. We also back up our products with a 15-year manufacturer backed warranty, a testament to our tireless dedication by leading the way in quality and service from “yarn to yard.” Your neighbors will be “Green” with envy when they see your new synthetic turf. Be sure to tell them that not only are you saving money by not having to water the grass anymore; you also have time for more important things like kicking back and relaxing instead of mowing and edging. You can also tell them that even though it may be “fake” your SYNLawn synthetic grass is also environmentally friendly. 100% recyclable and made using truly sustainable components including a plant-based backing using soybeans instead of plastic, thereby dramatically lowering your carbon footprint. Not only will your grass look lush and beautiful year round you’ll also “Go Green” with SYNLawn artificial grass.

The best synthetic grass solutions in Oakland Park FL

While SYNLawn Miami is widely known to make and sell the very best artificial grass products for residential and commercial landscape applications, we also make and sell the top-rated turf for pets, playgrounds, roof decks, patios, golf putting greens and so much more. Beyond merely installing landscape grass SYNLawn Miami also specialize in pour-in-place systems, synthetic stone, and mulch, ADA compliant ramps and systems, modular turf systems and sport-related court tile systems. SYNLawn Miami is literally your “One-Stop-Shop” for all things related to indoor and outdoor landscapes! We think you’ll find SYNLawn artificial turf to be more than just fake grass. There’s much more to it than that. SYNLawn synthetic turf is a lifestyle which not only saves money and precious resources but also allows more free time for our customers for the important things in life. Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free. No more watering! No more mowing! Not only will you have lower utility bills, you’ll have more free time. It’s easy to see why SYNLawn artificial turf is the perfect landscaping solution.

Maintenance free synthetic grass in Oakland Park FL

Having a maintenance free yard in Oakland Park FL is absolutely possible. SYNLawn waterless grass systems mean you can have the lawn or landscape you’ve always dreamed of without mowing. No water needed! While no water or pesky mowing is needed to maintain your false grass you may want to occasionally brush the turf fibers up to keep your SYNLawn looking pristine. If you should ever have any questions, please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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