Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is SYNLawn®?

A: SYNLawn is one of the largest manufacturers, distributors, and installers of top quality artificial grass products designed for residential and commercial landscapes. Our exclusive brand of artificial grass is manufactured to the highest standards and installed to perfection. With a core belief in quality control, SYNLawn has become synonymous with exceptional products, workmanship, installation, and customer service excellence.

Q: Is SYNLawn right for my location?

A: The SYNLawn business model is designed to be flexible and affordable to suit nearly all locations. As a partner you will benefit from SYNLawn’s brand recognition without a large investment and have the ability to grow and expand as you develop your market.

Q: How is SYNLawn ‘eco-friendly’?

A: Water conservation is a big priority in both residential and commercial landscaping creating the need for more viable and sustainable solutions. Using SYNLawn reduces this impact by replacing high-maintenance lawns with advanced ‘green’ grass. Aside from consuming massive amounts of water, maintaining natural grass lawns has a big effect on the environment. Toxic fertilizers and pesticides contaminate ground water through run-off. Just imagine, each stitch of grass you sell has the potential to save the planet!

Q: Who are our customers?

A: As a SYNLawn partner your customers are: homeowners, commercial building companies, landscape architects, landscape contractors, local government, local municipalities, schools, day care centers, golf courses, driving ranges, parks, and pet kennels. You are only limited by your imagination.

Q: Yeah, but fake grass?

A: Artificial grass has come a long way since indoor/outdoor carpet. Most commonly known for its use in athletic fields, artificial grass has evolved into a viable solution for today’s demanding and environmentally conscience world. Our fibers and manufacturing methods render softer, more resilient and natural looking products that provide homeowners with a beautiful lush landscape without all the maintenance, without all the water, without all the fertilizer and without the mower.

Q: How is SYNLawn used?

A: SYNLawn is the logical choice for areas where natural grass is problematic due to extreme sun, shade, soil conditions, slopes, access restrictions, pests, allergies, and many other reasons.

Limitless Applications

  • Traditional landscapes — residential lawns, commercial common areas, and commercial landscapes.
  • High maintenance landscape areas — such as roadway medians, commercial common areas, poolside areas and parks.
  • Dog and Pet applications — dog runs, pet areas, kennels, dog parks and backyards.
  • Recreational and performance applications — backyard putting greens, bocce ball courts, playgrounds and pet areas.
  • Non-grass area green spaces — such as rooftops, terraces, patios and indoor applications like shopping malls or set displays.

Q: How do I join?

A: Simply email us for more information.
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