SYNLawn Distributor Overview

Brand Name Products


You’ll have access to the largest and most complete line of artificial grass products in the industry. SYNLawn® branded products are manufactured to rigorous quality standards and are designed to meet the needs of any application at every budget level. As a SYNLawn partner, you will sell from the SYNLawn branded product line.

The SYNLawn brand products include a complete line of different synthetic versions of grass styles. For the ultimate in realistic golf performance SYNLawn and golf guru Dave Pelz have developed a total comprehensive line of golf turf exclusively sold through our partners.

We Manufacture What We Sell

Unlike the majority of our competitors, SYNLawn is manufactured in the USA at our production facility in Dalton, Georgia. Produced to strict manufacturing and material guidelines to ensure that our synthetic grass products meet the highest quality requirements.

We Guarantee What We Sell

Producing our own products to the highest standards allows us to grant a manufacturer backed guarantee to our customers for a long life-expectancy for up to 12 years. The SYNLawn guarantee gives our customers the peace of mind that their investment will look beautiful and lush for years to come.

Customer Service Excellence

Our core belief is that our customers come first. This belief extends to our partners. SYNLawn empowers our partners with proven business models, a thorough training in sales and installation, and a proprietary software solution for all day-to-day administration and operations.

We are there to support all of our partners providing all the tools, first-class products and detailed knowledge ensuring our continued success.

Quality Installation

image of synlawn installation

A finished SYNLawn job will create a natural-looking lawn, play area, putting green or other space that requires no water and needs only minimal maintenance. When installed using the proper SYNLawn methods, your customers and their friends will not believe it is synthetic grass.

Powerful Online Tools

Every facet of SYNLawn’s business can be managed through SYNOffice, our proprietary online management tool. Through SYNOffice, our partners will manage all sales leads, create estimates, accept customer payments, manage and order inventory, track business activity and much more.

Every employee will use this powerful tool for their day-to-day tasks streamlining all job functions while reducing administrative hassles.

National Program

image of lowes home improvement stores logo

Currently, SYNLawn continues to expand our national program with Lowe’s home improvement stores. This program helps build brand recognition and can serve as a source of immediate business for your business. Participating Lowe’s stores have a turn-key program for selling landscape, putting greens, and playground installations.

Professional Showroom

image of a synlawn distributor showroom

Showrooms are not required for every partner, however, a SYNLawn retail showroom can generate more sales and serve as the main vehicle for your business. The location and size of your showroom is flexible based on the region or area you are serving and the population of the area. Your customers will be encouraged to visit the showroom to touch and feel the products, discover the various possibilities and solutions SYNLawn offers, and to see actual installations first-hand. Inside the showroom, you’ll display all the SYNLawn products, demonstrate the various uses, explain installation methods and introduce SYNLawn solutions for landscapes, pet areas, playgrounds and golf applications. Outside the showroom, you’ll feature various in-ground installations so that your customers can start to visualize how SYNLawn will look at their home.

Vehicle Graphics

image of synlawn box truck with graphics

Your partnership can also maintain high visibility even on the road. All of your vehicles can be fully wrapped in the distinctive, bright colored SYNLawn rolling billboard. The word travels fast as this highly effective marketing technique works really well to reach your customers at their homes.


Support the sales that take place in your showroom, support operations and coordinate installations with warehouse space. Your warehouse is used to accommodate rolls of turf in inventory, installation equipment and other supplies, and serves as the hub of all installation operations. Depending on the size and location of your business, your warehouse may be used as your showroom as well. It can also be used as an outlet or sales center for contractor and do-it-yourself installation customers.

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