SYNPlay 48 (no pad)


NEW   Ideal for activity and agility zones due to its construction using low-pile, low-friction grass blades. With several colors to choose from this turf adds a burst of colorful fun to any space. Available in 8 in-stock colors with custom colors also available.

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The lightweight champion of safety, the SYNPlay 48 series is constructed with both kids and training athletes in mind. Constructed with a durable, non-abrasive surface coupled with an energy absorbing backing pad to help reduce stress on joints and the risk of common playtime, exercise, and practice injuries. Available in 8 in-stock standard colors with custom colors also available.

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Product Features

Environmentally Friendly
Manufactured using recyclable materials
No Infill needed
Infill-free means no messy rubber crumbs or sand needed to stay beautiful.
Constructed using web slit film over tufted nylon thatch to reduces friction for longer, more enjoyable playtime.
Recommended for:
Agility | Landscape | Play | Logos

Available in 8 in-stock colors.

Available in: Black | Green | Florida Blue | Navy | Red | Yellow | White

plant based aritifical grass
Certified and Tested e648 f1292 f1951

Foot Traffic & Resiliency


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