SYNZoysia 633

NEW LOW-SHEEN “Y” shaped yarn is less shiny and more natural looking than other artificial grass, making it difficult to tell it apart from the real thing!

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SYNZoysia 633 is one of our most natural-looking products because of its low sheen. The field apple, Y-shaped polyethylene yarn and beige and brown polypropylene thatch will have everyone wondering if it’s the real deal. The soft, resilient duraflex fibers help the turf pop back up, so it works well in medium to heavy traffic areas. Our HeatBlock™ Technology keeps your lawn up to 20-percent cooler, which makes it more comfortable for both bare toes and paws. It’s recommended for residential and commercial landscape, pet, playground and rooftop applications.

Product Features

plant based aritifical grass
Certified and Tested e648 f1951

Environmentally Friendly
Exclusive EnviroLoc™ Backing System has an enhanced multi-layer component system that “locks” in durable turf fibers and extends the product’s life cycle.
Minimal Infill
Uses only minimal amounts of silica sand for ballast.
Polypropylene thatch for resiliency and support combined with polyethylene blades for a soft feel.
Recommended for
Landscapes with medium to heavy foot traffic, including residential landscapes, pet areas, play areas and roof applications.

Foot Traffic & Resiliency


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Additional information


15 years

Face Weight

65 ounces

Total Weight

93 ounces

Yarn Type

Grass Zone: Polyethylene // Thatch Zone: Texturized Polyethylene


Grass Zone: Field Green + Apple // Thatch Zone: Beige + Brown

Pile Height

Grass Zone: 2.0" // Thatch Zone: 1.75" +/-15%

Roll Width

15.0 feet

Drain Rate

> 30 inches per hour

Manufacturer Recommended

Foot Traffic & Resiliency




EnviroLoc Backing


HeatBlock Technology


Omega Technology



3 Reviews on SYNZoysia 633

Palmetto Landscaping & Design said : Guest Report Subscribe 5 months ago

As a landscape design/build contractor based out of Charleston, SC we're constantly sodding lawns over and over due to shade issues, poor soils, large tree competition, foot traffic, improper maintenance and last but not least the ruthless wear and tear on lawns from our irreplaceable lovable companions....our doggies. Here in Charleston, we really only have a handful of grasses that we sod with due to our climate zone. Sure there are countless species of turf grasses and even more varieties and cultivars of those species that make incredible claims, but with over 18 years of experience in this industry, we've experimented with dozens of them only to keep coming back to our 3-4 tried and true varieties. And these still require an incredible amount of time and money to keep these lawns healthy and looking good. There's always the inevitable and looming threat of an insect infestation, diseases, weeds and dozens of other environmental variables that can ruin a lawn in no time. Not to mention that for half of the year, our southern lawns are brown and dormant during the cool season which is a shock to our northern friends that aren't familiar with our lawns and climate. The farther north you go along the east coast, cooler climates allow for a much better pallet and variety tough yet gorgeous grasses in which to choose . So we repeatedly dump tons of time and money into various fertilizers, weed and feed, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides multiple times a year and cross your fingers that it all works. And then we need to make sure we are irrigating properly, removing thatch, aerating and mowing on a normal basis. This has been the case for over 50 years and a recent pole that was taken in 2007 from Lawn & Landscape Magazine stated that a staggering 92% of property owners wished that their lawns looked better and had more time and money for maintenance. Unbelievable when you really think about it. I think we can all agree that there's nothing better than a perfectly manicured dark green pristine lawn. The feeling of the lush grass blades on your bare feet is a feeling that we all yearn for. But in today's world, very few of us are afforded the time it takes to properly care for our lawns. And even fewer of us have the money, resources and know how to create that perfect green carpet that is the envy of the neighborhood. So yes, the lawn industry is booming and it's great for our business because we have a certain level of job security in knowing that the ideal lawn, though very rare, is everybody's dream. However, it's always tough explaining to our potential or existing clients the various reasons and overwhelming possibility that their lawn has or will most likely decline at some rate overtime. As a business owner and property owner myself, this is not acceptable to me. And this is precisely why we have dove headfirst into the synthetic turf movement. As a horticulturist and lover of all things plant-like, my initial thought was that there is no room for "fake grass" in the residential and light commercial landscaping industry. But after doing a ton of research, I've found that the synthetic turf industry has made amazing leaps and bounds since the time of "AstroTurf". The craftsmanship, attention to detail and overall quality has gotten to the point where people are now paying attention and wanting to learn more. And due to the great work and continued efforts at SynLawn, we can now offer a beautiful and very affordable alternative to grass. It's catching on like wildfire and I believe that it will continue to grow and progress to the point in which it's the norm. The benefits are just too overwhelming to ignore. I've worked with a few other "leading" manufacturers when I begin to really show interest in this industry and I can say after 6 years, SynLawn is by far the best product out there and we continue to exclusively use it due to the pricing, look and feel of the turf, durability and the amazing variety of high quality products to choose from. SynLawn has the industry's best 15 year warranty and is without a doubt the best bang for your buck. The realistic look and feel of their products is second to none and this is why more and more people are considering SynLawn in their landscapes. The possibilities are incredible. If you are a Fescue fan from up north but live in too hot a climate, that's okay because SynLawn has you covered. It's a beautiful thing when you can literally have any type of grass you want no matter where you live. I recommend SynLawn to everyone that wants the lawn of their dreams with very little to no maintenance at all. If you want that perfectly manicured lawn year round give the experts at SynLawn a call. They're a top notch company with great customer service. They can answer all of your questions and even get you in touch with a local SynLawn installer to come give you the lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Sorry for the lengthy review, I don't work for SynLawn and am not writing this to promote their products or services. I'm just a contractor that has found a great deal of happiness in being able to provide our clients an incredible alternative to grass. And there are dozens of different companies and manufacturers that are creating fabulous artificial turf products, but I hope to save you time and money by sharing my story and what I've found in my years of research in this industry. SynLawn has helped my business and our clients. And to me, that's worth sharing for anyone interested.

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4PWDS said : Guest Report Subscribe 2 years ago

We have 4 dogs and even after three days the house is cleaner than ever!

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DogMominKS said : Guest Report Subscribe one year ago

I live in a townhome and got permission to fence off both my patio and a small dog yard. That required, however, that I take responsibility for maintaining the grass inside my fence, while the HOA handles all other landscaping. No problem -- bought an electric mower which became my favorite yard tool of all time. BUT my dog yard never drained well and -- when a mid-summer project caused the HOA to start watering every day to help seat new sod strips over new french drains -- my dog yard turned into a swampy mess. To regard the yard would be major -- and would require new sod and even MORE watering. But SYNlawn regraded the yard to correct the drainage, installed a weed barrier and drainage tiles, and topped it off with this handsome product. I was impressed that they worked in an impressive quantity of pet order prevention, and the crew did a good job of cleaning up when they were done. Like all good things, this was a bit more expensive than I had hoped -- but it's solved a great many problems for us. For one thing, I had already started to wonder how - down the road when I'm ready to sell - I might be able to convince prospective buyers that it wold be "fun" to maintain the pet yard . Ha! That is no longer a problem, nor is my drainage. Great solution, professional staff and crew, and a wonderful improvement to my townhome.

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