Infill & Turf Surface Heat – Evaporative Cooling (Sustainable, Bio-Based Options)

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In today’s sports world, it seems there are countless considerations when designing a field. Player speed, ball interaction, gmax/impact attenuation, aesthetics, maintenance, warranty, sustainability, abrasion… the list goes on. One element becoming a bigger consideration is surface heat. Some synthetic turf fields can reach temperatures 35º to 55º F hotter than natural grass fields. Natural grass fields allow for evaporative …

the truth about rubber crumb infill

The Truth About Artificial Grass “Infill”

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Let’s face it. Even though artificial grass for landscape applications has been around for more than 10 years now, a good number of us still have old images in our head about what that stuff looks like. The synthetic grass of today isn’t at all what it was back then. The technology changed because the needs have evolved. While AstroTurf’s …