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2018 Tropical Storm Force Rains in Bahamas

Indianpolis Children's Museum: 1.4 Acres of SYNLawn

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12' Fall Rated Single Layer Playground Systems

Proprietary Systems
for Pet Facilities

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Proprietary EnviroLoc™ Backing Provides
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Plant-based artificial grass

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"Wisest Decision I've Ever Made When it Comes to Doing Something in My Home"

- Suze Orman, The World's Personal Finance Expert

SYNLawn is the unrivalled innovator in commercial, residential and golf artificial landscape grass. Boasting the only USDA-certified, plant-based synthetic turf products in the industry, SYNLawn has created a first, 100% recyclable, lush, sustainable products superior in durability to petroleum-based products. SYNLawn’s unmatched level of vertical integration and quality control allow it to provide the best prices and most reliable warranty on the market. These qualities along with its status as the largest manufacturer of artificial grass in North America are the reason retail giants like Lowes and Ace Hardware insist on SYNLawn. SYNLawn also promotes the most extensive global full-service distribution and installation network. With more than 90 locations worldwide, the vast SYNLawn footprint provides unmatched reach in artificial grass systems and installation.