It's Really Plant-Based Artificial Grass

USDA Certified Artificial Grass

Amazing Draining during
2018 Tropical Storm Force Rains in Bahamas

Indianpolis Children's Museum: 1.4 Acres of SYNLawn

Refit Your Home for Fire Resistance with SYNLawn – Class A Fire Rating

Engineered to Increase Performance

12' Fall Rated Single Layer Playground Systems

Proprietary Systems
for Pet Facilities

Rooftop System & Installation Experts

Proprietary EnviroLoc™ Backing Provides
"Play Proof" Durability

Get Your Saturday's Back

Custom Golf Putting Greens & more


"Wisest Decision I've Ever Made When it Comes to Doing Something in My Home"

- Suze Orman, The World's Personal Finance Expert