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Artificial Grass for Bocce Ball Courts

Experience the true joy of Bocce with SYNLawn's SYNPro Bocce, a top-tier solution for Bocce courts combining a concrete base and aggregate for a uniformly textured nylon surface. Its expert design includes a one-degree pitch for efficient drainage, high-quality adhesives, and offers various bumper board options like bender board and poured concrete curbing, ensuring both durability and style.

The Perfect Bocce Turf

Incredible craftsmanship, impeccable design and superior materials mean better bocce fun for all.


Unmatched Lifetime Warranty
Ideal Surface For Bocce Courts
Consistent Ball-Roll Performance
Color-Fast Yarns + UV Protection
Created to be the ideal surface for Bocce Ball Courts with true ball roll, minimal bounce, excellent drainage, and extremely low maintenance. Its remarkable stability and beautiful aesthetic makes it the perfect choice for Bocce Courts of all play levels.

Bocce Ball Court Features

The United States Bocce Federation (USBF) recommends that courts used for International Tournaments and Open Play be 91-feet long by 13-feet.


The SYNPro Bocce system ensures a smooth, consistent roll of the ball with minimal bounce, thanks to its precision-engineered surface.


Enjoy a clean, low-maintenance playing experience, as this turf remains dust-free and needs no watering, keeping your court pristine with minimal effort.


SYNPro Bocce's advanced design features excellent drainage, preventing water accumulation and ensuring a dry, playable surface soon after rain.

All weather

The durable turf withstands rain, heat and cold, making it the ideal year-round solution for bocce enthusiasts.
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