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Artificial Grass Maintenance & Care

SYNLawn turf requires minimal maintenance. Besides brushing, debris removal, and occasional rinsing, ensuring lasting beauty and durability is effortless.

Easy Cleaning

Maintaining SYNLawn's turf is straightforward and low-effort. Regular brushing maintains its appearance, while occasional rinsing removes dust and debris. For stains, a simple solution of mild detergent and water is effective, ensuring the turf remains pristine and vibrant.

Effortless Pet Care

SYNLawn's pet-friendly turf is designed for easy cleaning and durability. Regular rinsing eliminates odors, while gentle brushing maintains the turf's texture. Its quick-drying surface ensures a continuously clean, safe area for pets to play and relax, all year round.
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Low Maintenance

All that's required is periodic brushing, though an annual deeper cleaning is recommended.

Minimum Effort, Maximum Landscape

SYNLawn's turf is designed for ease of maintenance, requiring minimal effort to keep it looking pristine and functioning optimally year-round.
Deep Cleaning
Using advanced turf cleaning methods to remove deeply embedded dirt, debris, and eliminate bacteria more effectively than standard cleaning.
Debris and Leaf Removal
We use powerful equipment to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris, especially in large or heavily used areas.
Inspection and Repair
We inspect the turf for any signs of wear and tear, such as loose seams or damaged areas. Repairs can be performed to ensure the turf remains in top condition.
Grooming and Rejuvenation
Grooming the turf to keep fibers upright and ensure an even surface. This is especially important in high-traffic areas where the turf fibers may become matted down.
Antimicrobial Treatment
In areas with pets or high foot traffic, professional maintenance may include applying antimicrobial treatments to prevent odors and bacterial growth.
Infill Management
Our pros will check and adjust the levels of infill material if needed. They can also redistribute the infill evenly across to ensure consistent cushioning and support.
Ensuring Optimal Drainage
We check the turf’s drainage system to ensure it is functioning correctly, making necessary adjustments to prevent water pooling.
After maintenance, professionals can provide an assessment of the turf's condition and recommend any additional actions or care tips to prolong its lifespan and maintain its appearance.

Professional Maintenance Visit

During a maintenance visit, our comprehensive services encompass cleaning and sanitizing the turf, brushing up turf fibers, removing debris, refreshing infill, and applying a topical pet deodorizer. Your turf will be left pristine and odor-free.

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1 Cleaning and Sanitizing of the Turf
2 Brushing up the Turf Fibers
3 Removal of Debris
4 Replacement/Refresh of Infill
5 Application of Topical Pet Deodorizer
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Download Care & Maintenance Guide

Use this Care & Maintenance Manual to help keep your turf clean.
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