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SYNLawn: Industry Leaders for Over 20 Years

SYNLawn is the world's leading provider of high-quality synthetic turf, and is a lifestyle brand synonymous with quality, safety, durability, luxury, innovation, and sustainability.
Since its inception, SYNLawn has pioneered artificial turf technology, evolving from sports surfacing to a leader in residential and commercial landscaping solutions.

SYNLawn Overview

SYNLawn, as the world's premier manufacturer and pioneer in artificialgrass products and technologies, proudly stands alongside sister brands Astroturf®, Rekortan®, and Laykold® within the Sport Group Holding® family in offering the finest synthetic surfacing products available in the global market.

Global Presence

Our products are meticulously crafted in private facilities located in the USA, Germany, and Australia. SYNLawn takes pride in utilizing sustainable bio-based materials such as soy and sugarcane, along with consumer-conscious additives like antimicrobials. This commitment allows us to meet a diverse range of customer needs while prioritizing environmental responsibility.
Global Presence

Environmental Stewardship

For over two decades, SYNLawn has been unwavering in its dedication to excellence in sustainability and quality. Holding a top Environmental, Social, and Governance Rating (ESG) for three years in a row, we continually strive to reduce our global carbon footprint. Our commitment is further demonstrated through ISO 9001 Certified facilities, ensuring the highest standards in eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

With a presence in over 120 locations around the globe, SYNLawn serves as your trusted partner for top-quality and sustainable artificial grass solutions. Our turnkey network of distributors works seamlessly, promoting responsible environmental stewardship through industry-leading innovations in artificial grass solutions. SYNLawn continues to lead the industry by continuously raising the bar for global synthetic turf standards.

20 Years of Green Landscapes

SYNLawn evolved from AstroTurf (Founded in 1965), launching its own brand in 2003, and has since led in artificial grass innovation.

SYNLawn's Proud History

SYNLawn’s sister brand, the iconic AstroTurf, launches center stage in sports surfacing.
The SYNLawn brand is born as turf for landscape makes it debut. The first distributorship opens in Las Vegas in 2003, and the first commercial project is installed.
SYNLawn pushes massive product innovation, launches sustainable bio-based backing and creates HeatBlock™ technology, resulting in 20% cooler surface temperatures.
SYNLawn joins the Sport Group family. Sport Group sells and installs more synthetic turf landscape, sport fields, and athletic tracks globally than any other business.
SYNLawn brings all manufacturing processes under one, 7-football-field-sized roof and expands manufacturing to Australia. 2018 kicks off with more than 85 distributors and warehousing centers worldwide.
Our products are a blend of innovative design and quality, meticulously crafted to exceed expectations and enhance your lifestyle.
lawn and heart
SYNLawn goes global, entering the European market, starting with SYNLawn experts in Spain, France and Germany.
2024 Milestone
Our team in Berlin, Germany successfully completes one of SYNLawn's largest projects to date: installing 24,000m² of artificial turf in front of the iconic Brandenburg Gate for the upcoming European Championship 2024.

Why Choose SYNLawn?

SYNLawn is the natural choice for synthetic grass, offering a suite of products catering to every application: from the smallest yard to the largest commercial projects on the planet.

The advantages of SYNLawn can be felt across the key areas:
Safety & Certifications

Driven by Sustainability

No manufacturer has invested more in sustainability than SYNLawn. And no project can do more for its sustainability credentials than to incorporate SYNLawn into its design and construction.

  • Awarded top ESG rating for 3rd year running
  • Newest manufacturing facility is carbon neutral and 100% “green-powered”
  • Proudly use post-manufacturing recycled waste such as coal ash and plastic bottles
  • Completely eliminated “single-use” plastics from the manufacturing process
  • SYNLawn products are for life: the lifetime warranty means lower impact on landfills
  • SYNLawn is the only brand with 12 USDA Certified systems
  • Using SYNLawn in a project can provide up to 24 LEED credits

Obsessed with Quality

As a full-service, vertically integrated manufacturer, we control all aspects of production from yarn to yard. This enables us to confidently provide our famous warranty for life.

  • Factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • Produce over 200,000,000 square feet of product annually
  • We make everything sold under the SYNLawn brand
  • Over 50 years of manufacturing experience
  • SYNLawn’s parent company Sport Group owns iconic brands including AstroTurf, Rekortan, and Laykold

Believers in Innovation

SYNLawn is the only manufacturer with a dedicated R&D lab committed to pioneering innovation across experience, aesthetics, safety, longevity, and sustainability, leading to multiple industry-defining breakthroughs.

  • A team of dedicated chemists and scientists continually innovating for the turf industry
  • Invented Super Yarn™ technology and family of products
  • Super Yarn’s StatBlock™ technology reduces static charge by up to 17x
  • Super Yarn’s Super Drain™ technology drains at up to 1,000 in/sq ft/hour
  • Delustred™ face fibers have taken the “sheen” and “shine” out of today’s polyethylene grasses

Safety is our Priority

Safety is our paramount concern, and we spare no effort, going above and beyond to ensure it in every aspect, from fire prevention to fall protection.

  • Over 320 tests associated with our product lines
  • Testing includes: Leaching, Toxicity, Fall Height and comprehensive Fire Testing (to name a few)
  • 11 IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association) Certified products
  • Super Yarn’s Sanitized® Antimicrobial Technology prevents buildup of microbes by up to 99%
  • This technology eliminates bacterial odors
  • SYNLawn’s high-performance infill systems offer the cleanest and safest environments for families and pets
  • Unmatched health and safety for hospitals and all other commercial applications

Emphasis on Support

SYNLawn’s expansive network and massive collection of support material guarantee peace of mind. We’re committed to support you every step of the way, from project conception to completion, and beyond.

  • National and international distributor and support network
  • Over 350,000 projects installed through the network since 2003
  • Professional support for architects and designers
  • Access to the largest library of specifications and best practices in the industry
  • SYNLawn Architectural Kit available complete with turf and infill samples
  • Comprehensive design files available from CADdetails.com
  • Professional installation teams have handled the most complex commercial products

Building an Eco-Friendly Future

An investment in a SYNLawn product is an investment in a better tomorrow.

  • Reduce water usage by 50% – 70%
  • Water Authority approved
  • Eliminate usage of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Slash carbon emissions from lawn maintenance equipment

Deep Golf Expertise

Made by golf enthusiasts, for golf enthusiasts. Our passion for the game shines through in our top-tier products.

  • 130 national distributor locations each average 53 putting green installations annually
  • The average size of a green is 625 square feet
  • Over 80,000 golf greens installed since 2003
  • Partnerships include Bettinardi, Goodyear, and Dave Pelz
  • Flagship putting green surface Precision Putt™ preferred by tour players
  • Measures 10-12 on the Stimp Meter (as fast as the Augusta National Golf Course)
  • ShotStopper™ patented underlayment system developed with Golf guru Dave Pelz
  • ShotStopper™ absorbs the energy of a ball’s impact for realistic bounce and check

Transforming Landscapes, Transforming Lives

Spend less time on maintenance, and more time on the things that really matter – all with the stunning look and feel of SYNLawn turf providing the backdrop to your memories.
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I can't imagine our lives without SYNLawn
Melissa McQuown Owner - SYNLawn Central California
SYNLawn is cutting edge technology at the top of their game
Scott Marks Owner - SYNLawn Carolinas
We live this turf lifestyle
Jamie Neagle Operator - SYNLawn San Diego
I can't say enough about how SYNLawn Corp continues to help grow our business
Terry Striklin Owner - SYNLawn Texas
I find myself celebrating with our clients when I hear the happiness in their voices
Denise Perea Owner - SYNLawn Colorado
I've tested everything under the sun and nothing touches SYNLawn
Matt Saxton Owner - SYNLawn Jacksonville
We have capabilies that no other competitor has
Angela Grego Owner - SYNLawn Midwest
We are very happy to be a SYNLawn Distributor, its a great marriage
Harry Jackson Owner - SYNLawn Las Vegas
We are supported so well by the Corporate office
Tammy Price Owner - SYNLawn Central California
SYNLawn had a lot of values that resonated with our family
Nick Perea Owner - SYNLawn Colorado

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