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Distributor Opportunities at SYNLawn

Get started with your dealership! Get your own successful eco-friendly dealership up and running with our proven formula, and enjoy a flexible business model with no dealer fees.

Streamlined Onboarding

Our streamlined onboarding process for distributors is designed for efficiency and ease. We provide comprehensive training, marketing support, and product knowledge, ensuring a smooth transition into our network. This approach allows distributors to quickly integrate and succeed in offering SYNLawn's innovative, eco-friendly turf solutions.

Step-by-Step Guidance

At SYNLawn, we offer our distributors step-by-step guidance, encompassing extensive training, detailed product insights, and strategic marketing approaches. This dedicated support ensures our distributors are well-equipped to navigate the market, effectively showcase our products, and build a successful, sustainable business aligned with our eco-friendly values.

Proven Strategies for Success

SYNLawn provides distributors with proven strategies for success, including in-depth market analysis, effective sales techniques, and innovative marketing tools. Our approach, backed by years of industry experience, ensures our partners can maximize their potential, drive sales, and establish a strong presence in the competitive synthetic turf market.

Support at Every Turn

SYNLawn is dedicated to supporting our distributors at every turn, offering ongoing training, marketing assistance, and technical support. Our collaborative approach ensures they are well-equipped to handle market challenges, adapt to industry trends, and provide exceptional service, solidifying their success and growth in the synthetic turf industry.

How to Apply

Become a SYNLawn distributor and join a network driving the future of eco-friendly, innovative synthetic turf. Apply now to start your journey.
1 Fill out the Distributor Application Form provided below with your company details and a brief about your experience.
2 Our team will review your application and get in touch with you for further discussions.
3 For any inquiries or additional information, feel free to reach out via email: [email protected]
Interested in becoming a SYNLawn distributor?
Join SYNLawn's network as a distributor to offer top-quality, eco-friendly turf solutions and tap into a growing, profitable artificial grass market.

Here is what our Owners have to say

I can't imagine our lives without SYNLawn
Melissa McQuown Owner - SYNLawn Central California
SYNLawn is cutting edge technology at the top of their game
Scott Marks Owner - SYNLawn Carolinas
We live this turf lifestyle
Jamie Neagle Operator - SYNLawn San Diego
I can't say enough about how SYNLawn Corp continues to help grow our business
Terry Striklin Owner - SYNLawn Texas
I find myself celebrating with our clients when I hear the happiness in their voices
Denise Perea Owner - SYNLawn Colorado
I've tested everything under the sun and nothing touches SYNLawn
Matt Saxton Owner - SYNLawn Jacksonville
We have capabilies that no other competitor has
Angela Grego Owner - SYNLawn Midwest
We are very happy to be a SYNLawn Distributor, its a great marriage
Harry Jackson Owner - SYNLawn Las Vegas
We are supported so well by the Corporate office
Tammy Price Owner - SYNLawn Central California
SYNLawn had a lot of values that resonated with our family
Nick Perea Owner - SYNLawn Colorado

We've Got Your Back

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Sales Support

Sales Support at SYNLawn goes beyond having an exceptional product and effective marketing; it extends to ensuring our distribution partners are equipped to close deals. We provide comprehensive sales support and training, offering our partners the same high-level training that sales professionals invest thousands in annually. Our commitment includes access to valuable sales aids, global affiliations, memberships, worldwide purchasing programs, and a bid software platform that meticulously tracks over 13,000 potential projects.
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Marketing Support

Get a comprehensive start-to-finish plan to empower your business. Partnering with us means gaining access to a complete marketing strategy covering aspects such as branding, online marketing, brochure creation, public relations, and trade shows. Benefit from "Kickstarter" websites for an immediate online presence, guidance in ongoing SEO and PPC programs, and extensive support in social media and outreach.
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Operational Support

We’re dedicated to ensuring the seamless functioning of your business. Benefit from 1-on-1 assistance tailored to your business, training in lead tracking and CRM, as well as logistics and process improvement training.
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Retail Programs

SYNLawn continues to expand our retail program with Lowe’s home improvement stores in the United States and Canada. This program builds brand recognition and can serve as a source of immediate credibility for your business. Participating retailers such as Lowe’s have a turnkey program for selling landscape, putting greens, and playground installations.

SYNLawn’s Support Advantages

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Wide distributor & support network
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350,000+ projects installed since 2003
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Dedicated support team for Architects and Landscape Designers
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Largest industry specifications library
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Architectural Kit (available upon request)
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Spec and design files available online 24/7

SYNLawn’s Global Presence
Powering Our Brands

When you join with SYNLawn you are also joining a winning network of global brands by SportGroup, the World's largest business dedicated to synthetic surfacing.
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