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If You Can Imagine It, We Can Create It

Let the precision of pre-fabricated designs and logos unleash your creative dreams. From intricate tone-on-tone patterns to custom projects, we've got you covered.

Turf that Tells Your Story

Have your logo or design reproduced perfectly, and ensure your branding is consistent throughout your installation.

A Lasting First Impression

Let your turf do the talking with tone-on-tone designs, patterns, and more. Stand out and be make a bold statement!

Play It Your Way

Pre Fab products are fully customizable, with precise CNC water jets ensuring extremely high levels of intricacy, even for the most sophisticated designs.

Your Idea Our Designers

We've done it before, and we'll do it for you, too. At no charge, our in-house graphic designers work with architects, homeowners, interior designers and project managers to make your idea come to life. Realistic renderings mean you can follow the project and make tweaks as you go.

Perfect Installation Every Time

Our elite installation team have worked on the most complex commercial projects imaginable, and are standing by to make sure that your pre fab project is a resounding success – down to the last blade of grass.

Designs & Logos for Instant Impact

Bringing Color into Children's Playgrounds

Create your own bright and colorful playing areas with our pre-assembled “Fun & Play Elements.” Available in various themes and sizes, ignite children’s imaginations and provide the opportunity for teachers to promote outdoor physical fitness.

SYNLawn’s Fun & Play Elements are vibrant, colorful, unique, and educational. Effortlessly drop in our pre-fabricated elements to create, refresh, or refurbish play areas for playgrounds, nurseries, schools, public parks and recreational areas, campgrounds, theme parks, or any location where fun is to be had.

Features of SYNLawn Fun & Play:
  • Available in 2 pile heights, Short 3/16″ (15mm) or Long 5/16″ (24mm).
  • No glued joints.
  • Optimum detail exposure.
  • Unlimited shape possibilities.
  • Wide range of colors and yarn.
  • Strong and durable.