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Sustainability is What Drives Us

Our commitment to Sustainability is about safeguarding the planet's resources, promoting economic stability, protecting public health, and securing a better future for generations to come.
We help save a lot more than water! There's more to SYNLawn's sustainability achievements than the millions of gallons of water we've helped save, or the tons of pesticides that now don't have to be used.

Consistent Top ESG Performer

For three years in a row, Sport Group, SYNLawn’s parent company, has received a top Environmental, Social, and Governance Rating (ESG) rating from independent Morningstar Sustainalytics by demonstrating responsible manufacturing practices and environmental stewardship.

From Yarn to Yard, We Make It

We manufacture what we sell, in our ISO Certified facilities. This certification reflects our commitment to operational excellence, product reliability, and ecological responsibility, guaranteeing customers receive products made with precision, care, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Sustainability Starts with Us

Our newest manufacturing facility is carbon neutral and 100% “green powered.” We proudly use post-manufacturing recycled waste such as coal ash and plastic bottles, and have entirely eliminated single use plastics from our manufacturing process.

Constantly Thinking About Tomorrow

SynLawn products are made (and guaranteed) to last a lifetime. This, in addition to launching the world's first turf recycling facility, means that SYNLawn products stay out of non-sustainable landfills.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has granted SYNLawn the esteemed designation of being a Bio-Preferred provider of Certified Biobased artificial grass products and installation systems. SYNLawn is proud to be the only brand with 12 USDA-certified systems.

Stay in the LEED with SYNLawn

Choosing SYNLawn for your next project can provide up to 24 LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Introducing Natural Synthetic Turf

SYNLawn’s focus on innovation and R&D has led to revolutionary advancements in plant-based materials. Today, the majority of petroleum-based oils have been replaced with natural products like soybean oil, and this goes for multiple aspects of the product including infill.

Supporting Farmers and Our Planet

SYNLawn actively supports farmers and environmental stewardship by using plant-based materials like soybeans in our products. This approach promotes agricultural sustainability, reduces reliance on petroleum-based materials, and contributes to a healthier planet. Our commitment underlines a shared responsibility towards eco-friendly practices supporting the farming community.

Sustainability Led by Technology

Each blade of SYNLawn's grass embodies amazing technology, combining durability, realism inspired by nature, and eco-friendliness. Advanced features like Super Yarn™️ and EnviroLoc+™️ backing systems highlight our commitment to innovation, offering a superior synthetic turf experience that is both breathtakingly beautiful and environmentally responsible.

SYNLawn's exclusive EnviroLoc+™ Technology is a plant-based backing system that enhances the turf's dimensional stability and extends its life by “locking in” grass fibers.

Tough 2-Part Backing

EnviroLoc+ backing system for superior dimensional stability


Reduces algae and fungi growth for a healthier environment

Long Life Cycle

“Locks In” turf fibers for increased durability


Sustainable grass that lasts, reduces waste, and saves water
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