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SYNLawn synthetic lawn & landscape surfacing for Toronto

Toronto Artificial Grass (dba SYNLawn Toronto) are your premier SYNLawn artificial landscape systems integrator in the Toronto, ON area. Our professional staff is here to help you with all of your residential and commercial landscaping needs. SYNLawn are leaders in the artificial grass industry transforming the way synthetic turf is used. Our lush, livable synthetic grass systems for landscapes, pets, playgrounds, roof, decks and patios.

Low-maintenance and manufactured using the latest in artificial grass technology, SYNLawn products made with nylon simply look better longer. More resilient than standard polypropylene and polyethylene blades, SYNLawn with nylon has a longer life-cycle, low environmental impact than and is backed by a manufacturer-based warranty.

SYNLawn Southern Ontario are proud to be your SYNLawn distributor for the Toronto / Hamilton, ON area providing full-service sales, landscape design and professional installation. Our knowledgeable sales staff and design team are focused on providing you with the perfect synthetic turf solution to meet your residential or commercial landscaping needs.