Artificial grass meets high-fashion

Artificial grass meets high-fashion

September 20th, 2010

New York, NY — In 2009 editor of Vogue® Magazine and inspiration behind the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, Anna Wintour, unleashed her unique vision into the fashion world. Her concept was not only to give the fashion industry an economic boost but also to put the “fun” back into fashion by creating “Fashion’s Night Out”. This year, the 2nd annual event was held in cities worldwide, including London, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, Sydney, Berlin, Seoul and New York City amongst tens of thousands of adoring fans and fashionistas. Complete with supermodels, fashion shows, live music, and celebrity sightings including super-stars such as Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, P Diddy and more, shoppers could literally rub-elbows with the fashion world’s A-list.

As part of the event, celebrities and designers collaborated to create unique, “never-seen-before” retail “make-overs” to enhance customer’s shopping experience. Grace Coddington, creative director for Vogue® Magazine, chose to create a “Central Park” theme at Prada® 5th Avenue in New York City, covering the entire store with SYNLawn artificial grass to compliment the theme.

After an intense overnight installation, the store at Prada® was covered with nearly 4,000 square feet of SYNFescue Platinum 350. Chosen for its beautiful natural appearance and appealing soft-touch, the theme was topped-off with the addition of several mannequins, sculptures, and figures outfitted with this year’s fashion designs, turning the entire store into a life-size window display.

With supermodels dancing in the streets, and storefronts turned into nightclubs, this year’s “Fashion Night Out” was an epic splurge of glitzy inspiration, filled with glamourous surprises. Celebrating the world’s elite designers while reinforcing and restoring retail and consumer confidence, this year’s event exceeded expectations drawing far more shoppers than anticipated.

Our recommendation for next year? Instead of rolling out the “red-carpet” we’re thinking of something more “green”. Perhaps something in a SYNLawn?

SYNLawn artificial grass appears at Prada in New York.