Artificial Pet Grass Turns Hangar into MWD Training Facility

Artificial Pet Grass Turns Hangar into MWD Training Facility

Man’s best friend is now able to train year-round on SYNLawn’s artificial pet grass at the indoor training facility at the U.S. Air Force Base in Ellsworth, SD.
February 05th, 2016

At the U.S. Air Force Base in Ellsworth, SD, these military working dogs (MWD) are learning more than just tricks on their new artificial pet grass. This renovated hangar is the first indoor training facility at an Air Force base in the continental U.S. where these canines can train year-round. But before these pups embark on their assigned missions around the world, they will run, jump and tackle numerous obstacles on artificial grass from SYNLawn and remain in a controlled environment that’s safe from the elements.

In August of 2015, SYNLawn South Dakota installed more than 9,000 square feet of SYNFescue 354 with UltraBaseSystems® at the location in Dock 32. According to Joe Makoutz, owner of SYNLawn South Dakota, they had a relationship with some of the MWD handlers because they previously provided them with estimates for their own homes and dog runs. The distributor is also known for completing plenty of residential and municipal projects within the community, including Main Street Square, and they were able to meet the very specific technical needs required as well as offer a military discount.

image of renovated military hangar

image of military hangar with artificial pet grass

(Left) Due to the location’s high security, the rolls of pet turf had to be unloaded at the docks and reloaded onto military trucks before being forklifted into the hangar. (Right) Instead of using obstacles outdoors, the renovated hangar at the U.S. Air Force Base in Ellsworth, SD, is the new indoor training space for its Military Working Dogs.

The manufacturer-recommended SYNFescue 354 was selected because “they wanted a product that would replicate real grass for training the dogs and add the durability and safety for the handlers and dogs,” explained Makoutz. This artificial pet grass product provides a natural appearance as well as being highly resilient and durable due to its polyethylene ‘Omega’-shaped blades and texturized polypropylene thatch. SYNFescue 354 met the military’s specifications for details like pile height and weight. SYNLawn’s exclusive EnviroLoc™ Backing System includes the use of soy technology, which replaces much of the petroleum normally used. In addition, it “locks” in turf fibers and helps extend the life of the artificial pet grass, which is also backed by SYNLawn’s lifetime warranty.

Makoutz noted that the addition of the UltraBaseSystems® added to the turf grab and stability for the dogs. The synthetic lawn took a couple of days to complete, and on Oct. 24, 2015, the facility was operational. “It was a fun installation, and we appreciate the dedication of the men and women in our military,” said Makoutz.


image of forklift unloading artificial grass

image of military hangar with synthetic pet grass

(Left) In August 2015, more than 9,000 square feet of SYNLawn’s artificial pet grass with UltraBaseSystems® was installed. (Right) SYNFescue 354 includes the use of soy technology that helps to extend the life of the artificial pet grass.

Artificial grass for dogs and pets from SYNLawn can be installed at indoor or outdoor projects for governmental, commercial or residential properties alike. Contact a SYNLawn distributor today to learn more about our pet-friendly turf products.