Safer Playgrounds for New Mexico Montessori Schools

Safer Playgrounds for New Mexico Montessori Schools

SYNLawn Makes for a Safer, Cleaner Playground at NM’s Springstone Montessori
January 11th, 2024

Rio Rancho, NM — The Springstone Montessori Schools in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, knew it was time for a playground overhaul. Based on the idea of letting kids direct their personal learning experiences, Montessori schools are incredibly interactive. Providing a safe outdoor play space is essential. Replacing the existing gravel rock base became more and more a safety hazard. A lot of dirt ended up getting tracked into the school, especially during rainy days that left the playground muddy. With fast draining and extra soft SYNFescue 243 installed over 5,000 square feet of the outdoor play space now, the kids of Springstone Montessori can play in all kinds of weather.

A History of Montessori Playground Designs

This isn’t SYNLawn of New Mexico‘s first Montessori playground project. In fact, the school director was familiar with their work and knew they offered both excellent products and installation services. The school owner was less familiar with their work but became convinced as soon as she got a chance to visit the area and see similar installations. The soft, low-maintenance, realistic turf look and cushioning options for the SYNLawn products made them an obvious choice for this kind of high-priority project.

Building Creative Play Spaces

The team’s experience in Montessori playgrounds, in particular, helped them with this job since these schools tend to offer a higher standard of imaginative education. Since children direct their learning, it’s essential to set up environments that guide them toward making breakthroughs. The Springstone Montessori playground features a unique stadium seating area in one part of the playground that the director requested. The installation team achieved this design by creating a contoured base of crusher fines covered by the turf. Kids can sit, jump, roll, and play in whatever way their imagination leads them without concerns for injury. The school is also proving easier to keep clean now that there’s practically no dirt tracked in from the artificial turf. If there’s a spill or accident, cleaning and sanitizing the turf is far easier than it was with the previous rock and mulch materials.

Update your school’s playground or build a new design from scratch with the help of SYNLawn. As North America’s premier artificial grass manufacturer and installer, we’re always ready to help achieve your playground and public projects.