Vanderpump’s World Dog Day a Huge Success

Vanderpump’s World Dog Day a Huge Success

The Vanderpump Dog Foundation’s 2nd annual dog festival raised $45,000 and helped several dogs find their forever homes
July 13th, 2017

Many celebrities and thousands of people with their hundreds of dogs came to out to the sunny Los Angeles streets to celebrate the 2nd Annual World Dog Day. Lisa Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd of The Vanderpump Dog Foundation hosted the fun-filled, pet-friendly event, which took place outside The Vanderpump Dog Center on June 25, 2017. SYNLawn, in partnership with SYNLawn LA, was proud to be one of the leading sponsors of the street party.

image of lisa vanderpump of vanderpump foundation on synlawn image of pandora vanderpump sabo of vanderpump dogs on synlawn pet turf

The hugely successful event not only helped spread awareness about global dog abuse, but it also celebrated the importance of our furry friends. In one day, $45,000 was raised in order to help rescue local dogs. It will also help put an end to the cruel annual Yulin Meat Festival. Vanderpump is passionate about stopping China’s summer solstice celebration where some 10,000 dogs are slaughtered and then served as meals. World Dog Day is “an example of what a real dog festival should look like – celebrating man’s best friend and how much they add to our lives – instead of causing them pain and suffering,” said the television star, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

image of vanderpump dog foundation in los angeles

image of synlawn dog agility park at vanderpump dog foundation world dog day

Dogs and pet parents alike loved the 1,000 square feet of SYNLawn Pet Premium artificial grass, which was featured at the dog agility park where pets could run and jump on the safe surface. “All of us at SYNLawn LA are huge advocates for anything to do with rescuing and helping our furry friends. We are, from the bottom of our hearts, true believers of the #adoptdontshop mentality,” said the president of SYNLawn LA. “We look forward to partnering with Vanderpump Dogs for many more pet events and helping as many precious fur babies as possible.”

image of dogs at vanderpump foundation world dog day image of dog on synlawn artificial pet grass

During the event, several dogs found their forever homes, and The Vanderpump Dog Center received paperwork for its 100th adoption. This was a proud accomplishment considering the center opened earlier in the year on March 2. SYNLawn, in partnership with SPCA International, is also working to help save lives by spreading awareness about the importance of pet adoption and animal welfare. Pet owners who have rescued or adopted a pet from an animal shelter can take advantage of a $250 offer on their pet turf installation. A portion of SYNLawn’s proceeds will also be donated to the SPCAI.