Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park a Recreational Haven for Pets

image of SYNLawn artificial pet grass at Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park Pier 6 New York NYC

Brooklyn, NY

September 5, 2023

Brooklyn, NY   One of the most iconic destinations in New York City is the famed Brooklyn Bridge. Millions flock to the iconic 85-acre landmark for the best waterfront and views of the NYC skyline. Now, four-legged residents have their own safe and beautiful recreational haven in the park to roam leash-free at the Pier 6 Dog Run installed by the experts from SYNLawn New York.

image of SYNLawn artificial pet grass at Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park Pier 6 New York NYC

Creating Accessible Green Spaces for Urban Residents

For highly populated urban areas, it’s important to offer all residents, including the four-legged variety, easy access to public parks and green spaces. Dog parks and runs provide people and their pets with a safe space to run free while exercising and socializing.

Prior to the installation of synthetic surfacing, residents of the area were unhappy with the gravel that previously covered the ground at the Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park. This inconsistent surface made it harder for senior dogs, people in wheelchairs, and families with strollers to use. The community wanted to transform the space with the installation of artificial grass.

image of SYNLawn artificial pet grass at Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park Pier 6 New York NYC

SYNLawn New York is highly regarded for its innovative design and installation projects using the most premium artificial turf on the market. Their team has helped make New York City and its surrounding boroughs greener and more aesthetically pleasing with their installations. SYNLawn New York won this prestigious project over one of its competitors due to being recommended by the Domino Park and Washington Square Park Conservancy teams. The team also installed 30,000 square feet of faux grass at Pier 2 of the park, which has stayed pristine and in great condition, so the director of the Brooklyn Park Conservancy and the property managers trusted that the team would deliver the same stellar work they did a decade ago. SYNLawn New York collaborated with Applied Landscape Technologies to upgrade the dog run.

image of SYNLawn artificial pet grass at Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park Pier 6 New York NYC

Transforming Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park with Premium Pet Turf

The team installed approximately 8,000 square feet of SYNTipede 243 with three pounds of Envirofill high-performance infill to create an outdoor oasis for urban pups. This premium turf offers strength and resiliency not commonly found in competitor varieties, and it’s made with Super Yarn™ technology. Super Yarn contains an additive called Sanitized that eliminates bacterial odors and prevents microbial growth for enhanced hygiene protection. It also offers maximum drainage for easy cleanup and sanitization. Dog parents don’t have to worry about their pups getting dirty or muddy from the faux grass or picking up fleas and ticks. This faux grass is also one of the safest since it has ASTM E108, ASTM F1292, and ASTM F1951 Class A Fire Ratings.

Additionally, SYNTipede 243 is also a more sustainable option. It has an exclusive plant-based EnviroLoc+™ backing system that replaces a large percentage of the petroleum-based polyol with renewable soybeans. It even reduces maintenance costs and labor and conserves water since no mowing or watering is required to keep the surfacing green and pristine.

This Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park renovation was a longtime dream for residents and their pups. SYNLawn New York was proud to transform the dog run into a beautiful and accessible destination that people and their four-legged family members will enjoy together for decades to come.

image of SYNLawn artificial pet grass at Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park Pier 6 New York NYC

Install a Pet-Friendly Green Space with SYNLawn

SYNLawn’s expert teams have the superior design and installation skills to transform any outdoor area into a pet-friendly green space. Keep pets happy, safe, and clean with SYNLawn’s premium pet turf products. Contact your nearest distributor for a free estimate.

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