Downtown Houston Pet Owners Benefit from New Dog Park

Houston, TX — Residents living in downtown Houston now have an upscale dog park that will enhance the lives of their dogs. SYNLawn Houston was selected to design and create Trebly Dog Park to provide the urban pups with a recreational green space to play and socialize.

image of SYNLawn artificial pet grass at Trebly Dog Park located in downtown Houston Texas

Transforming an Urban Space Into an Outdoor Oasis

It’s important for cities to find ways to increase access to communal green spaces – especially for residents with pets. According to the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), 91 percent of Americans agree that dog parks provide numerous benefits to the communities they serve, including providing a safe space for exercise and free roam time, socialization opportunities for dogs, and encouraging physical interaction between people and their pets.

SYNLawn Houston has vast experience transforming urban environments into recreational areas while offering premium artificial grass products created specifically for pets and their humans. These factors contributed to the City of Houston selecting SYNLawn to collaborate with the commercial landscaping experts at Ruppert Landscape to create an outdoor oasis at the corner of Leeland and Fannin streets.

image of SYNLawn artificial pet grass at Trebly Dog Park located in downtown Houston Texas

Installing the Ideal Turf for a Dog Park

The team installed 4,530 square feet of Pet Platinum for the dog park, including a small mound for dogs to run up and down. Pet Platinum is the ideal turf for a dog park since it’s designed to stay green and pristine while accommodating dogs of all sizes. Plus, it has maximum drainage built-in for easy cleanup and sanitization without any worry about dogs getting muddy or digging, or picking up pests like fleas and ticks.

Another benefit of Pet Platinum is that it’s made with SYNLawn’s exclusive Super Yarn™ Technology containing an additive called Sanitized® that eliminates bacterial odors and prevents microbial growth, thus providing enhanced hygiene protection for animals.

Not only are the high-rise residents downtown able to take advantage of the luxurious dog park, but it’s also a unique and fun destination for visitors and their pups. The SYNLawn Houston team was proud to create a clean, safe, and beautiful outdoor space for people and their dogs to enjoy together.

image of SYNLawn artificial pet grass at Trebly Dog Park located in downtown Houston Texas

Choose SYNLawn for Custom Pet Projects

Transform any area into a pet-friendly green space with SYNLawn’s premium turf products. Our expert teams across the globe offer the safest, greenest, and cleanest options for any custom project.

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