Fort Harrison State Park Opens Indoor Gym with SYNLawn Sports Surfacing

image of SYNLawn SYNCourt Sport Tile Court system for Indoor Baskeball Half-Court

Lawrence, IN

November 10, 2022

Lawrence, IN — Fort Harrison State Park (also known as Fort Ben), a 1,700-acre public park located in the Lawrence suburb of Indianapolis, provides the community with a variety of opportunities for year-round recreation such as biking, hiking, horseback riding, and fishing. Its newest recreational amenity is an indoor gym with custom sports courts installed by SYNLawn Indiana.

image of SYNLawn Sport Surfacing at Fort Harrison State Park Ft Ben Indiana
image of SYNLawn Sport Surfacing at Fort Harrison State Park Ft Ben Indiana

Enhancing the Fort Harrison State Park Indoor Gym with Synthetic Sports Surfacing

Fort Harrison State Park hired the expert design and installation team at SYNLawn Indiana to elevate its community gym space with the installation of synthetic sports surfacing to create an indoor soccer field and basketball court.

To create the custom indoor soccer field, the SYNLawn Indiana team installed 8,000 square feet of red SYNPlay 60 and 1,500 square feet of green SYNPlay 60. SYNPlay 60 has a durable, non-abrasive surface with an energy-absorbing backing pad that helps reduce stress on joints and the risk of sports injuries.

For the basketball court, the team installed 6,000 square feet of SYNCourt™ court building tiles. This type of sports surfacing court tiles was ideal for a custom basketball court since there are 16 colors to choose from, which allowed the SYNLawn Indiana team to make the colorful design match the adjacent soccer field.

These premium sports courts will help keep gym members safe from many common injuries while providing an outlet that promotes physical fitness and social interaction.

image of SYNLawn Sport Surfacing at Fort Harrison State Park Ft Ben Indiana

Create a Custom Installation with SYNLawn

The gym at Fort Harrison State Park is an excellent example of the high-quality custom installations our expert teams offer. With a variety of premium surfacing options to choose from, SYNLawn is the top choice for both commercial and residential projects. Contact your local distributor today for a consultation.

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