Jersey City Rooftop Dog Park Gives Pets Room to Run

Jersey City, NJ — For many urban pets and pet owners, simple things like going potty can be a challenging experience. Living in a concrete jungle doesn’t always create the most inviting environment for pets to be pets. Recognizing the need to accommodate energetic animals ready to expend their natural energy running, jumping, and playing is a trending amenity many multi-family apartments and condominiums are incorporating into their facilities to attract tenants.

Recognizing this need, designers from BKSK Architects and Kitchen & Associates included a 2,300 square foot rooftop dog park in the all-new 295j Apartments located in Jersey City. Installed by Paula Korinko and the team at SYNLawn New Jersey, the steel-and-brick clad building now offers residents a full suite of amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, resident lounge as well as a 21,000 sq. ft. courtyard, pool deck, and pet run.

Creating a Unique Pet Run Like No Other

To complete the rooftop dog park, the team from SYNLawn New Jersey created a unique maze-like pet run like no other. The distinctive design of the rooftop pet area partly resulted from being mindful of existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and unobstructed access for maintenance workers. Slatted fencing around the perimeter, small sitting and play quadrants as well as straight runs, twists, and turns are all part of the one-of-a-kind rooftop dog park’s charm. The design is not only fun but functional and lends itself to spectacular views.

image of SYNLawn artificial grass at 295j Apartments Roof top Dog Pet Park Jersey City NJ
image of SYNLawn artificial grass at 295j Apartments Roof top Dog Pet Park Jersey City NJ
image of SYNLawn artificial grass at 295j Apartments Roof top Dog Pet Park Jersey City NJ

Using Top-Selling Artificial Grass Designed for Pets

For the installation, SYNLawn New Jersey used Pet Platinum, the top-selling artificial grass designed for pets of all shapes and sizes. Pet Platinum incorporates exclusive Super Yarn™ technology, containing an additive called Sanitized® Antimicrobial that helps eliminate bacterial odors and prevents microbial growth, keeping pets cleaner and safer. It also offers maximum drainage built-in, so cleanup is easy. Additionally, SYNLawn’s Pet grass products provide long-lasting durability and low surface temperatures with Super Yarn’s exclusive DualChill IR reflective technology.

The backing of the artificial turf is also environmentally friendly since SYNLawn’s exclusive plant-based EnviroLoc™ backing system replaces up to 60% of petroleum-based polyol with renewable soybeans. The soybeans used during the manufacturing process are all grown by U.S. Farmers, making SYNLawn’s American-made products a strong source of pride for the farmers, manufacturers, and customers alike.

Pet Grass Systems Customized for Each Project

Whether you’re looking to build a rooftop dog park, traditional pet park, or other pet-friendly space, SYNLawn’s Pet Grass Systems are customized for each project. We strive to offer the right mix of artificial grass products, installation techniques, and maintenance schedules individualized based on the needs for each installation. Each SYNLawn Distributor team in the U.S. and internationally has the expertise to determine what your next project needs.

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