Omaha’s Historic 1920’s Cottonwood Hotel Revitalization with SYNLawn

Omaha, Nebraska

November 3, 2021

Omaha, NE – Constructed in 1916, the historic Cottonwood Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska has roots that run deep throughout the Community while charmingly capturing the spirit of the Midwest. Located near the city’s Blackstone District, the Cottonwood Hotel is a revival of the historic Blackstone Hotel that aims to inspire a fresh approach to modernize hospitality while preserving its original historic architecture.

From San Francisco to Paris, Kimpton Hotels, the parent company of the Cottonwood Hotel, are well known for their elegance, style, and class. The Cottonwood, much like its sister properties, has been renovated to reinterpret roaring twenties nostalgia with a contemporary eye to breathe new life into the timeless landmark and surrounding community. Locals and discerning travelers can enjoy this new mixing spot while exploring five distinctive dining outlets and a locally curated art collection.

The Perfect Local Partnership

The Cottonwood Hotel project planners have worked hard to revitalize the building over the past five years. In partnership with the city’s largest landscape firm, Lanoha Nurseries, Chad Schneider and the team from SYNLawn Nebraska helped bring a nearly 3,000 square foot outdoor courtyard area to life with artificial grass. The perfect local partnership of Lanoha and SYNLawn Nebraska made it easy for both groups to collaborate and work through construction and design details.

Owners of the hotel prioritized finding high-quality artificial turf to complete the outdoor space, selecting SYNLawn’s SYNAugustine X47 (SAX47) as their ideal choice. The beautifully revitalized outdoor area will now become a home to wedding parties, graduations, corporate events, and so much more. The long fibers and superior durability of SAX47 are among the factors contributing to the selection of this ultra-plush turf variety built for high foot traffic. SAX47 uses the antimicrobial properties of the turf’s Super Yarn™ Technology to provide an additional layer of confidence, cleanliness, and safety for guests who enjoy the space.

Redesigning Omaha’s Downtown Spaces

Like many urban cities, Omaha is undergoing a redesign, refreshment, and revitalization of its downtown spaces. The Cottonwood Hotel project is an excellent representation of the trend to update urban areas, particularly aging historical spaces. The Cottonwood Hotel is well known in the area, and hotel owners place tremendous value on energizing the property while maintaining the integrity of the historic building.

Omaha’s Cottonwood Hotel continues to be a significant stop for travelers with simple but powerful amenities, such as this newly updated courtyard space, which will continue to breathe life into the Community. Thanks to SYNLawn Nebraska, the historic Cottonwood Hotel now has a durable, safe, and clean courtyard to share with the city for years to come.

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