The Standard Hotel goes Blue with SYNLawn

image of blue turf at the standard hotel new york

New York, NY

July 10, 2020

The Standard Hotel in High Line, NYC Goes Blue Without Water for “No Pool” Installation

Manhattan, NY — A 10-year partnership between The Standard hotel chain and SYNLawn has resulted in yet another successful and creative installation. NY’s The Standard High Line location needed a new eye-catching feature for their plaza, but there wasn’t much time for extensive installation processes. Laying down an electric blue layer of SYNLawn premium artificial turf was the perfect way to create the look of a 1950s rooftop pool without adding a drop of water. The SYNLawn New York team manufactured a custom color mix to capture the project’s vision’s spirit and aesthetic. With no permanent attachment needed and a slip-proof texture, artificial grass was the ideal way to convey the fun of relaxing around the pool.

A 10-Year Partnership With One of the Hottest Global Hotel Chains

This isn’t the first time The Standard has turned to SYNLawn for a unique look. The company has been providing artificial turf for the seasonal rooftop installation at The Standard – Le Bain on an annual basis for the last ten years in addition to work done at Miami and Los Angeles locations. With so many potential applications for high-quality artificial turf, SYNLawn products are the best choice for a high-end hospitality and hotel chains requiring perfection. After installing over 40,000 cumulative square feet of turf over the years, The Standard knew precisely where to turn for help with their “No Pool” project.

image of blue artificial grass at the standard hotel new york
image of blue artificial grass at the standard hotel new york
image of blue artificial grass at the standard hotel new york

The “No Pool” design was particularly challenging due to its rooftop location. The Standard had three requirements for the installation:

  • Proper drainage for the rooftop location
  • A surface free from trip and slip hazards
  • Installation that preserved the historic cobblestone below

A low-profile drain panel provided plenty of moisture control while blending in with the scenery. Custom matching blue reducers were manufactured for seamless transitions. The combination created a single-piece design that allowed for fastener-free installation. With no need to anchor the panels or the SYNLawn turf, the cobblestone below went untouched. There was a solution for every concern, from ADA standards on the edges and proper drainage to protect the roof. It’s also possible for The Standard to reuse the same turf panels again next summer with a little installation help from SYNLawn New York.

With a bold pop of color and fun summer activities, the “No Pool” project proved that The Standard hotel chain was anything but Standard. Tap into some of this magic yourself by finding out what SYNLawn can create for you.

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