Artificial Turf Trends: Living Small

Dalton, GA

August 19, 2016

Whether you’re living in a tiny house or a high-rise building, green your space with maintenance-free artificial turf from SYNLawn.

For some, living the American dream means buying a large home with a big backyard in the suburbs with a white picket fence. But nowadays, more and more people are looking to live a bit simpler by choosing to live in smaller homes. With limited space to build in the suburbs, people are downsizing, and even tiny house communities are popping up as part of this new trend. While urbanites remain comfortable in their apartments and high-rise condos, they recognize that to create more space you’ve got to get creative. But living small also tends to not leave much room for things like lawn mowers. Without the need to devote energy and resources on landscape maintenance, that means more time to lead an active lifestyle and enjoy life’s other pleasures. Homeowners and even renters can carry this mantra of simplicity to the outdoors with virtually maintenance-free artificial turf.

image of backyard patio with synlawn
image of city view rooftop deck with fake turf

(Left) This patio in Canada features artificial grass for a perfectly manicured lawn surrounding a Zen-like garden. (Right) Make the most of your city views, like this one in Chicago, by utilizing your rooftop deck as the perfect outdoor entertaining spot.

Whether you’re taking part in the tiny house movement or living in the city, you might find yourself asking: Am I making the most of my outdoor space? Living more simply most likely means saying goodbye to a large backyard, but it doesn’t mean having to give up on having a green living space. The simplicity of artificial grass allows you the ease of just laying a piece down to cover your hard or unsightly surface without having to permanently install it. Tiny houses, RVs and vacation homes are no problem. Just roll it up, take it with you to your next location, unroll and you have an instant green space.

image of a dog on a balcony with pet-friendly synlawn
image of roof deck garden with artificial turf

(Left) Many of our artificial grass products are pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your fur baby relaxing or taking care of business on your balcony. (Right) You can still have a lush-looking rooftop garden with artificial turf, but you can spend your weekends tending to your flowers instead of mowing the lawn.

Synthetic turf is the perfect landscape alternative for those living small since it creates a more usable, functional space. Adding potted plants or a vertical garden helps create a backyard feel. Transforming a patio with pavers, concrete balcony or rooftop deck into an expanded entertainment area; play space for pets and children; or a rooftop garden retreat is easy when you install SYNLawn’s artificial grass for roofs, decks and patios.

[blockquote cite=”Nomoreweeds” type=”right”>We are so happy with its lush appearance. Everyone that we have shown it to has been so impressed.[/blockquote]

SYNLawn Roofdeck Platinum and SYNLawn Roofdeck Premium are environmentally friendly, plant-based products that utilize soybeans from U.S. farms in their backing system. Choosing biobased SYNLawn along with our organic infill option is making a smart, safe, sustainable choice. You’ll be eliminating dangerous fertilizers and pesticides, reducing valuable water consumption and reducing harmful lawn mower emissions into the environment. You’ll be making a feel-good choice for you and your family and also doing your part to be environmentally responsible.

With these products that look almost real, you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by nature without the added worry of maintenance. Keeping your synthetic turf clean is easy. We suggest using an organic or biobased cleaner, such as Simple Green.

image of new york city rooftop with synlawn roofdeck premium
image of modern balcony with fake turf

(Left) This rooftop deck in New York City is transformed into a stunning outdoor living room with furniture, a fireplace, and SYNLawn Roofdeck Premium. (Right) With the addition of artificial turf, you’ll enjoy outdoor living even more with the soft feel of grass under your bare feet.

Both products carry exclusive HeatBlock™ Technology, which means your landscaped rooftop, deck or patio will stay up to 20 percent cooler than similar artificial grass products. This technology makes it a great choice and a customer favorite. It also incorporates our exclusive EnviroLoc™ technology for a product that’s 60 to 70 percent green by weight, and it locks in turf fibers to help extend the life of the product. And you won’t have to worry about replacing your U.S. made artificial turf for quite a while since we offer a manufacturer-backed warranty.

side view image of synlawn roofdeck platinum
image of synlawn roofdeck premium close up

(Left) The close-up of our SYNLawn Roofdeck Platinum showcases the turf green nylon blades with a turf tan thatch for a realistic looking grass. (Right) Our SYNLawn Roofdeck Premium offers bright colorfast, UV-stabilized yarns that won’t fade from the sun.

Clients love these products for good reason. As a matter of fact, our SYNLawn Roofdeck Premium has maintained its five-star average rating from our customers for many years. User Nomoreweeds wrote a review saying, “We are so happy with its lush appearance. Everyone that we have shown it to has been so impressed.”

Want to learn how you can turn your patio, balcony or rooftop area into your own personal oasis? We want to help by showing you how natural our artificial grass looks and feels. Contact your local SYNLawn distributor today to learn more about greening your space with artificial turf.

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