Colorado Residential Golf Course Receives Award Recognition

image of SYNLawn Golf synthetic grass at Windy Way Ranch in Golden Colorado

Golden, CO

March 22, 2022

Golden, CO — Owner Operators Nick and Aaron Perea and the team from SYNLawn Colorado were recently awarded SYNLawn’s Golf Project of the Year for their massive, residential golf course installation at Windy Way Ranch in Golden, Colorado. The design and installation team turned one resident’s 5-acre backyard into a golfer’s paradise with a massive three-tier, nine-hole putting green and showstopping practice golf course installation.

This custom golf course was a dream come true for the homeowner who first learned about synthetic turf for putting greens through SYNLawn’s partnership with golf guru Dave Pelz. After attending one of Pelz’s scoring game schools, Dan was inspired to create a one-of-a-kind backyard similar to what coach Pelz has in his. Coach Pelz’s backyard has been heralded as “The World’s Greatest Backyard” by the Wall Street Journal and CNN.

Designing a State-of-The-Art Residential Golf Course with SYNLawn

The goal of this state-of-the-art residential golf course was to design a space for a lifelong golfer who has a deep passion for the game. SYNLawn’s high durability and life-like quality product matched the resident’s desire for a world-class golf course at home with natural golf play characteristics.

Every aspect of this impressive installation is unique. The homeowner selected SYNLawn initially due to its superior product, confidence in execution, and professionalism of SYNLawn Colorado. SYNLawn’s durable, safe, clean, and sustainable surfacing gives this homeowner and his family peace of mind as they play their favorite sport at home.

SYNLawn Golf synthetic grass at Windy Way Ranch Golden Colorado
SYNLawn Golf synthetic grass at Windy Way Ranch Golden Colorado
SYNLawn Golf synthetic grass at Windy Way Ranch Golden Colorado

Installing a Showstopping Golf Course with Expert Design

The final showstopping installation offers expert design with six unique tee boxes, two fairways, four turf bunkers, and extra-large golf putting green with three tiers and nine holes. The course includes approximately 4,500 square feet of SYNLawn’s Classic Pitch putting green surface, 8,500 square feet of SYNBermuda 211, 4,500 square feet of USDA Certified Bio-Based SYNAugustine 347 for fringe and collar, plus 300 square feet of Tee Strike tee-line driving turf, and 1,500 square feet of white SYNPlay 48 turf for the sand traps.

The dream-like residential golf course now serves as a private oasis for the homeowner, who takes advantage of having a golf course at home daily sans the occasional snow day. Golf teams from the area’s local universities have even had the opportunity to use the facility to practice. Overall, the installation completed by SYNLawn Colorado went above and beyond the homeowner’s expectations, and they couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

SYNLawn Colorado is the largest supplier and certified installer of SYNLawn products in the Centennial State. Perea and the team serve the region by providing artificial grass solutions for commercial, landscaping, and residential projects. Click here to visit the SYNLawn Colorado Website.

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