Fishtech Installs Famous 12th Hole at Augusta Replica for Employees

Kansas City, MO

March 10, 2020

One of Kansas City’s top employers, the data-driven cybersecurity group Fishtech, recently expanded its employee amenities by adding a tee-to-green golf replica of the renowned 12th Hole at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, which is the home of the Masters Tournament.

Passion for Golf Led to Project Inspiration

While other employers may offer private putting greens, Fishtech founder, CEO and cybersecurity pioneer, Gary Fish, had the vision to create an exact replica of one of the most famous golf holes in the United States. While it’s also known as one of the trickiest holes to play, it’s Fish’s favorite, which is why it was his inspiration for his office installation. The replica has quickly become one of the most popular amenities at the office and is enjoyed by employees and client visitors alike.

Recipe for an Authentic Replica

This incredible project was designed around the highest-quality artificial grass on the market. The pros at SYNLawn Kansas City, led by owner Angelo Grego, were called in to select the top products for the job and to execute the meticulous installation.

Recreating a complete tee-to-green hole replica was no small task. The team, which included an in-house architect, spent more than 100 hours of pre-planning to ensure the design was accurate and well-adjusted to the challenging swampy installation site. The installers applied laser focus to every inch of the full-size replica to ensure accuracy and a fair game.

Fish chose SYNLawn Kansas City since he they not only had the ability to replicate the look of his favorite, the 12th hole at Augusta, but also its playability. The installers brought in more than 800 tons of premium crushed stone to serve as the base layer for the golf green and multiple SYNLawn golf turfs were installed in careful amounts, including Tee Strike, SYNTipede 243, SYNZoysia X49, and Classic Pitch. The premium Shot Stopper 2.0 turf was a key element in creating this authentic replica. It provides superior simulation of live grass texture for the putting green, which grips the ball slightly to create the same sticking sensation experienced on the famous hole.

With the successful installation of more than 16,000 total square feet of multiple artificial grass products, SYNLawn Kansas City met the client’s goals and built an accurate replica of one of the most famous golf holes in the country, the 12th Hole at Augusta. SYNLawn Corporate looks forward to working with many other business owners and project managers to design additional authentic golf replicas across the country.

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