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image of new york roof with artificial grass

New York, NY — Urbanites seeking a taste of the great outdoors while living within the concrete jungle need look no further than their own patios, balconies or rooftops. For one New York family installing SYNLawn’s Roof Deck and Patio System on their roof, balcony and in their backyard transformed these once barely used areas into fun, family-friendly outdoor living spaces.

“It just gives us that feeling of being ‘outside’, like we have a real backyard. You could put a swing set back there!” remarks homeowner Courtney C. “Before we put SYNLawn down it was just pavement. It was hard and we didn’t spend a lot of time outside. Since putting SYNLawn down, we spend so much time outside. It has just opened up our world and it’s just been a beautiful thing. The best home product we’ve purchased since moving here.”

Under the shadow of the Freedom Tower the team from SYNLawn New York installed just under 700 square feet of SYNZoysia Platinum 300, a synthetic grass product surprisingly soft to the touch and durable. Not only does the grass look and feel great, it’s environmentally responsible too. 100% recyclable and created using renewable resources such as using soybean oil in the backing to keep carbon footprints low makes SYNLawn products truly ‘green’.

image of new york roof deck with fake grass

“We are beyond happy with the SYNLawn product. We put it in during the summer and it changed our life. We love it. Our cats love it. We have a 1-1/2 year old son and he can run around on it, fall on it, jump on it with no worries about injures. Esthetically it’s beautiful, the color is gorgeous. It just lightens, brightens up the whole back yard, and it’s totally enhanced our life.”

“The best home product we’ve purchased since moving here.”

We are thrilled to hear that Courtney and her family are enjoying the newfound use of their outdoor living spaces using SYNLawn artificial grass. We encourage you to contact your local SYNLawn representative to share your story or experience the life changing outdoor urban lifestyles our synthetic landscape grass can bring to you and your family’s lives today!

image of new york freedom tower with synlawn artificial grass

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SYNLawn® is the industry leading innovator of synthetic grass. Working together with its affiliates including the iconic AstroTurf® brand, the company has empowered consumers to conserve over 10 billion gallons of water, eliminate millions of tons of fertilizers and pesticides, and prevent significant air pollution from lawn mowers over the past 10 years. Their lush and livable synthetic grass systems have transformed the way synthetic grass is used, producing the most advanced synthetic landscaping solutions and performance oriented putting surfaces on the market. SYNLawn’s exclusive nylon technologies produce unmatched solutions for synthetic landscape, golf, pet, patio, roofdeck and playground systems. SYNLawn’s grass products are 100% recyclable. SYNLawn® delivers customers the highest quality artificial grass products at a competitive price with the most genuine industry warranty. To learn more visit www.SYNLawn.com.