Turf Systems Get “Real” with Plant-Based Materials

How Plant-Based Materials Could Be the New Norm in Artificial Landscaping

Plant-based artificial grass might sound like an oxymoron – but using natural, renewable, and recyclable materials could become the new standard. This revolutionary synthetic grass is made with plant-based materials. There is soybean oil in the backing, sugarcane in the thatch, and crushed walnut shell for the infill.

With the expertise of SYNLawn’s leading scientist and chemist Dr. Stephan Sic, nearly 60 percent of petroleum-based oil has is replaced with soybean oil.

Going one step further, SYNLawn has created the first-ever USDA certified Bio-preferred artificial grass.

With the need for long-term sustainability, it has never been more important for manufacturers to create products that are renewable and recyclable. SYNLawn’s bio-preferred artificial grass brings a multitude of benefits over traditional synthetic turf, starting with the fact that it is 100 percent recyclable, 19 percent renewable, and certified to have 47 percent bio-based content.

For various reasons the landscaping and architectural design industries more frequently turn to bio-preferred products. SYNLawn’s Bio-based SYNAugustine 547 may be the first of its kind, but it is likely going to be one of many in coming years.

Being made with primarily with soybean oil also provides opportunities for U.S. soybean farmers, who until now were able to rely on exports to China to bring in revenue. This aspect was even more critical for farmers stuck waiting longer for promised emergency federal funding, due to the government shutdown.

SYNLawn’s bio-based USDA certified synthetic grass is not only an environmentally friendly choice in the long run (when it comes time to retire your turf), it can also help you to reduce your carbon footprint drastically. It starts with replacing more than half of the petroleum polyethylene with soybean-based oils and continues with your lack of need for gas or electric lawn equipment.

It’s 2019 and more than ever we are focused on ensuring that we don’t deplete our natural resources and secure a world we can be proud to leave for the next generations. SYNLawn’s new bio-based USDA certified renewable synthetic grass comes with all the primary benefits of artificial turf with the bonus of being made of plant-based materials that are grown and processed in the U.S.

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