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Putting the Way to Recovery at the Mt. Kemble Rehab Center, Madison, NJ

Madison, NJ

August 13, 2019

1,800 square foot synthetic putting green and chipping area create a healing environment for patients recovering from brain injuries.

Madison, NJ – Recovering from a severe brain or spinal cord injury takes months or even years of coordinated care. Balance and movement are among common concerns for those recovering from brain injuries. The brand-new Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute from Atlantic Health System and Kindred Healthcare, also known as the Mt. Kemble Rehab Center, was designed to provide cutting-edge care for its patients. The 38-bed facility features state-of-the-art indoor therapy opportunities, and also features an outdoor SYNLawn artificial turf putting green that has plenty of therapeutic value.

[custom_headline level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ class=”mbs”]The Surprising Benefits of Golf

The newly renovated therapeutic courtyard at the Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute featured various surfaces to aid in patient recovery. Surfaces include a basketball court and a newly installed putting green and chipping area using SYNLawn artificial golf grass. Golf can be an ideal recovery activity because it builds hand and eye coordination without requiring much movement or speed when compared to other sports such as basketball.

image of synlawn artificial grass at mount kemble rehab center
image of synlawn artificial grass at mount kemble rehab center
image of synlawn artificial grass at mount kemble rehab center

The game of golf requires an equal amount of mental and physical effort making an ideal recovery activity for patients recovering from strokes and brain injuries affecting memory and concentration. Playing a round of golf also adds an element of enjoyment into a rigorous physical therapy program which often brings a welcome change of pace to recovery.

[custom_headline level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ class=”mbs”]A Scenic Putting Green with Low Maintenance Requirements

Natural grass isn’t always an excellent choice for golf areas outside of a course that can handle the endless watering, mowing, and fertilizing needs.

With the Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute focused on patient recovery rather than lawn maintenance, SYNLawn’s artificial putting green grass was an obvious choice for green space. The facility chose a combination of different grass varieties to create a functional green requiring as little attention as possible, including:

  • Classic Putt, a specially designed putting green turf that has the perfect surface for consistent putting and short chips.
  • SYNAugustine X47, which features a higher blade structure to stop balls that made it off the green to simplify the search for them.
  • SYNBermuda 211, with a compact and tightly packed blade structure that offers a superb chipping surface with a slightly different look than the Classic Putt.

SYNLawn New Jersey‘s installers were able to craft a beautiful putting green and chipping area combining all three grass varieties. While projects like this one usually require extra cutting and seam work to fit around the netting poles anchored in the ground, this installation featured a cement-free anchoring system. Installing the turf went in quickly with minimal work needed to fit around the equipment.

The 1,800 square-foot putting green and chipping area took a little longer than first expected to complete due to site plan revisions. However, SYNLawn New Jersey’s dedication to customer service kept their part of the project moving smoothly and within the time constraints. Crews were scheduled and rescheduled and worked overtime to accommodate the client and adhere to their completion date.

Contact your local SYNLawn dealer for more information on how you can add a long-lasting and low-maintenance putting green to your residential, commercial, or public facility today.

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