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SYNLawn and Lucky Dog come to the rescue

Hollywood, CA

October 6, 2014

image of lucky dog tv show hostIt’s not every day you can be a part of changing someone’s life. While Brandon McMillan and the CBS Lucky Dog team have the opportunity to do that each week, it has been an emotional experience for us as we were able to come to the rescue and help bring Chance together with his new owner.

Although SYNLawn may not be able to change lives every day, we were able to help change Christina’s life by making her work environment a more pet-friendly place. By doing so, it meant she was the perfect candidate as a new owner for Chance, who was rescued from the local animal shelter. This meant the area not only had to be safe for dogs, but also fitting for a puppy.

It was very important to Brandon that the environment was right before pairing these two together. Puppies need a place to play and be active during the day and Christina’s boss wanted to be sure that he wasn’t going to be a distraction in the workplace. That’s where SYNLawn was able to help. By creating a puppy-safe area for Chance behind their office, it was the perfect place for him to hang out AND do his “business” during the day. Organic odor control products and drainage techniques were used along with SYNLawn’s pet-friendly artificial grass to ensure the area stays cleans, odor-free and able to handle all the activity that a puppy can create.

Thanks to Brandon’s training, plenty of love and affection, and a wonderful SYNLawn area, Chance & Christina has been given a fabulous new life together!


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