SYNLawn’s SYNPlay and SpeedTurf Enhance Lincoln Center

image of the Lincoln Centre Fitness Center Dallas Texas

Dallas, TX

May 11, 2020

SYNLawn’s SYNPlay and SpeedTurf Enhance Lincoln Centre’s Fitness Center in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, TX — The Lincoln Centre is one of the most in-demand commercial addresses in the heart of Dallas, Texas. As part of a number of exciting renovations in the complex, the management company approached SYNLawn Texas to renovate the Lincoln Centre Fitness Club to enhance tenant amenities.

The high-end facility was designed by the Dallas-based firm Entos with Allie Balling leading the project. The mission was to create a space that would inspire people to exercise and provide an elevated experience unlike the typical gym. To encourage health and wellness, the turf area connects users to nature using a biophilic design approach, creating an illusion of exercising outdoors.

image of synlawn installation at Lincoln Centre Dallas Texas
image of synlawn installation at Lincoln Centre Dallas Texas
image of synlawn installation at Lincoln Centre Dallas Texas

Custom Turf Fabrication for a Luxury Fitness Space

Premium artificial turfs from SYNLawn are a great choice for indoor installations like fitness centers because the surface is soft, provides plenty of traction, and is easy to clean and sanitize on a daily basis. SYNLawn Texas created a custom prefabricated piece of turf combining both SYNPlay and SpeedTurf™ materials, then carefully fit the material around the columns and glued the entire piece securely to the concrete floor. Both artificial turf products feature a short, dense mat of blades that mimic the feel of a freshly cut outdoor field. With no infill and dense foam backing pads to absorb energy, these turfs are ideal for indoor installations like high-end fitness centers.

Enriching the Commercial Tenant Experience

This isn’t the first time SYNLawn Texas has worked with the Entos Design firm on a project. Previous partnerships led to this referral for the Lincoln Center installation. By working closely with designer, Allie Balling, and the architect of the center, the SYNLawn team managed to create a unique installation that really showcases what the company’s products can do. SYNLawn Corporate hopes this project will serve as an example to other commercial property managers about how fitness centers can enrich the tenant experience. Lincoln Center is sure to attract many new tenants interested in offering free fitness center memberships to their employees, resulting in better mental and physical health for everyone.

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