Synthetic Turf Council on the radio

Atlanta, GA

December 19, 2013

Synthetic Turf Council: Community Wellness and Environmental Responsibility

Recently Terrie Ward and Rick Doyle, Education Director and President of the Synthetic Turf Council joined the hosts of Manufacturing Revival Radio to discuss the rapid growth of the synthetic turf industry as well as the economical and environmental benefits of using artificial grass products.

The Synthetic Turf Council is proudly celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2013. They remain a powerful resource of information for architects, specifiers, designers , manufacturers and many more looking for industry insight. In addition, they promote synthetic turf innovation and quality by acting as a liaison between industry professionals and end user organizations. Providing educational materials to educate the market place and serving as a collective spokesman for the advocacy of the synthetic turf industry.

image of terrie ward from the synthetic turf councilKey discussion topics from today’s conversation:

  • The environmental benefits of synthetic turf.
  • The mission and purpose of the STC.
  • The (surprising) markets for synthetic turf.
  • The exciting agenda of their upcoming spring meeting in Las Vegas.
  • The education and training they provide with their Whistle-stop seminar series.

To listen to the full interview, please visit this location.

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