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The synthetic turf market is stronger than ever, with an annual 20% growth rate.

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When you become a SYNLawn distribution partner, you receive unrivaled support in every area of your synthetic turf business. It begins with offering customers the highest-quality synthetic grass products on the market. Having the best quality product is a big advantage, but running a successful business takes more than just a great product. That is where the SYNLawn Team comes in. We are here to develop and support your emerging SYNLawn artificial grass business.


Having a great product and superior marketing is great, but you still need to close the sale. SYNLawn provides full sales support and training to our family of distribution partners. Get the same high-level training that sales professionals pay thousands for every year when you partner with us.

Sales Aids

  • Global Affiliations and Memberships.
  • Global Purchasing Programs and Processes.
  • Bid Software Platform tracks over 13,000 potential projects.
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Our operations team is here to support your business by making sure everything is running smoothly.

Operational Aids

  • 1-on-1 support for your business.
  • Lead tracking and CRM training.
  • Logistics and Process improvement training.


When you partner with SYNLawn you get a complete start-to-finish marketing plan. We cover every aspect of successfully marketing your business, including branding, online marketing, brochures, public relations, and trade shows.

Marketing Aids

  • “Kickstarter” websites to get your business online immediately.
  • Help navigating ongoing SEO and PPC programs.
  • Social Media and Outreach programs and much more.
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SYNLawn continues to expand our retail program with Lowe’s home improvement stores in the United States and Canada. This program builds brand recognition and can serve as a source of immediate credibility for your business. Participating retailers such as Lowe’s have a turnkey program for selling landscape, putting greens, and playground installations.

Sales Aids

To ensure the SYNLawn brand is consistent, strong and recognized globally, we provide easy-to-follow branding guidelines.
  • PMS Colors / Fonts
  • Logo Treatments
  • On-brand Guidelines
  • Project Planner
  • Training

Marketing Strategy

SYNLawn helps coordinate and assist with the setup of your online digital marketing strategy to maximize your business’ visibility.

  • SYNLawn-branded web domain
  • Web buildout Packages
  • Location Landing Pages
  • PPC/Google AdWord Support
  • Google My Business (GMB) setup

SYNLawn’s Global Presence Powering Our Brands

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