Sport Group, the parent company of SYNLawn artificial grass, is committed to enhancing its products’ quality, sustainability, and safety by continually developing new and improved technologies, ingredients, and manufacturing processes.

Since 2019, Sport Group has been working intensively on finding alternatives. It has steadily removed the fluor chemistry from our global production plants – STR in the USA, APT in Australia, and Polytex in Germany.

Sport Group has achieved this by removing a fluorinated polymer from the turf manufacturing process and applying a new generation of polymer process aids free from fluorinated chemistry.

This proactive innovation went beyond the regulations at the time and ensures that we are now leading the industry in PFAS elimination.


Sport Group is globally compliant with all current legal regulations, including REACH in the EU.

At present, California has the most stringent regulations, with California Health and Safety Code 108945. In 2023, products manufactured at STR in Dalton, GA, USA, were tested by independent laboratories and comply with this Californian standard, which defines a threshold of PFAS using a total organic fluorine screening method specifically for children’s products. Meeting this standard determines the threshold of what is considered as ‘PFAS-free.’ Sport Group will continue independently testing our products yearly as part of our internal auditing processes.

Sport Group places the highest priority on the health and safety of its customers, its employees, and the environment. It is transforming our products with green technology and has an independent ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) rating, placing the company in the top 7% of over 15,000 companies globally.

Sport Group turf is sold globally directly via our own companies, SYNLawn, AstroTurf, Polytan, and APT, or via our independent sales network.

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SYNLawn’s Sustainability Advantages

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ESG Ratings

Earned top ESG ratings 3 years in a row
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Uses post-consumer recycled waste
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No "Single-use"

Not using "single-use" plastics in production
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Lifetime warranty for reduced landfill impact
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12 USDA Certified Bio-Prefered installation systems
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LEED Credits

Provides up to 24 LEED credits